5 Quick Ways To Make Money Today!

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If you’ve visited our site already, you’ve read that you can begin a business for free.  This is absolutely true, and both David and I stand behind our words.  We’re not about to lead you astray with this post.  Some of you are well on your way to earning money online with little to no start-up cost.  It can be done for free; we’re proof.


While the truth is that yes, you can start with $0, some of you are wanting to continue building your business and you’re looking for ways to make money today.  We’ve been asked how to make some quick cash so that in turn, you might have money to put toward researching, advertising, or web hosting costs for your new or already established business.  There are some other areas where you might wish you had some cash to throw at your biz and we’re wanting to help you achieve that goal.  Read on to find five quick ways to make money today!


Sell Things From Your Home

It may seem to you that everything you own is a necessity.  However, if you really needed some quick cash, you might choose to look at your ‘stuff’ in a different light.  For example, you could sell anything on eBay or local Facebook advertising pages.  Heck, you could post items for sale on your social media sites, too.  People can transfer money to your Paypal account and you could have the money to be used as soon as the sale is finalized.  Do you have an instrument that’s just collecting dust?  What about extra pieces of furniture or kitchen gadgets?  Blankets, clothing, toys, etc.  The list really goes on.  Simple is often easier, no?  Go ahead and begin decluttering!  You might be amazed at the number of items you sell and what it brings you in return!


Sell Things For Your Friends & Family

Another way to make money today would be to sell things of others (with their permission, of course)!  Much like the above scenario, just think about how much ‘stuff’ your friends and family have accumulated!  Reach out to all of them!  You can sell items for those who don’t even live near you, thanks to technology!  All you would really need is a brief description and a photo of the item to sell.  If you offered to help sell their items for a percentage of what they make, then it’s a win-win for everyone!  Besides, you’d be helping them to declutter their homes as well.  Who wouldn’t be excited about that?


Provide Help In The Community

This might sound absurd to a person who lives in a large city, but keep reading for a minute.  Specifically, if you lived in a large city, imagine all of the things you could do the help out.  You could get to know your neighbors and run errands for them.  Particularly if you have elderly neighbors, they are always appreciative and needing assistance.  You could offer to pick up their groceries or medications for them.  You might offer to mow their yard or shovel their sidewalk or driveway.  Offer to get their mail for them.  You could pull weeds or offer to help with small maintenance projects in and around their homes.  You might even provide them a ride to an appointment.  Put yourself out there.  Help is always needed and you could earn some fast cash by doing so.


Buy Cheap & Sell Higher

We have a friend who is into thrift shopping.  She searches high and low for deals on items that are in high demand.  Things such as designer bags, clothes, shoes, or accessories can be gold mines if found at a thrift store.  She’s learned that she doesn’t need, want, or use more than 90% of what she finds, so she’s created a little side gig of selling all these items for more than what she purchased them for.  She sells to friends and family, as well as others via online apps, social media, and websites.  You might also luck out by finding something online or in a store that you can turn around and sell for a higher price as well.  The sky is the limit here, and the amount of money to be made will depend on how energetic you are at finding spectacular items to resell!


Offer Specific Services

Surely you know people who live near you who have pets.  More than likely, you know some who would like a cleaner home.  Also, what about those who leave for a long weekend or a vacation?  Do you think you might be able to help them out?  Offer to care for their pets.  Walk the dogs, feed the animals, and give the owner the peace of mind that their fur-babies are being well-cared for.  You could offer to provide indoor cleaning services as well.  Think about offering to house-sit for them if they’re leaving town.  Our advice would be to get your name and desired services out there quickly.  Add a post about your offerings to social media, local media outlets for your town, or post some fliers around town.  It would be a great idea to have a list of references in advance so you could pass that along to any potential clients.


Get Yourself Out There

As is most things in life, the hardest part of trying anything new is just starting it.  Make a quick list of some of the things you’re thinking about and follow through.  Today is the day to take action.  Of course, these aren’t the only ways you could make money today, but it’s a good start.  Don’t delay.  Don’t limit yourself to those in your town or city.  Think about the potential of opening up your services to those in nearby cities too!  If you’re really driven to boost your business and you’re looking for ways to fund your ideas, please take into consideration our ideas listed above.  We have been successful by taking action on these things.  Also, our friends and family have seen the benefits as well.  We want you to build your business beyond your wildest dreams and we want to help you achieve that.


Tips +1

We have one more source for you.  It’s a total freebie!  If you’re interested in some other ways to earn you income for days and years to come, check out our latest guide that discusses 10 proven ways to make money in 2020!  It’s absolutely free – grab your copy here!  Now you have 15 ways to begin making money today!  We wish you nothing but success!



Until Next Time!

~Heidi & David



4 thoughts on “5 Quick Ways To Make Money Today!

  1. It is very possible to make money from any part of the world. You can run your online business from anywhere in the world as long as you have wi-fi reception and a laptop or even Tablet. 

    I like the ideas here. They are not get rich quick businesses but they definitely put some quick cash in your pocket. Buying things at lower price and selling it for a higher price is a very good idea. Thanks

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by!

      These are great ideas for anyone looking to get some quick cash! In my case, the extra dollars help me with advertising for my business and additional learning resources. I like to put it into my business to make it better. 🙂

  2. Hello Heidi, thanks for sharing these 5 quick ways to make money today. I have been thinking of ways for making some quick money and one of the way is to buy things cheap and sell higher. My younger brother gave me this idea earlier and now I am meeting same idea here. 

    There is one website in my country where used items are listed (I’m considering Mobile phones). Most of these phones are not really expensive. So I am thinking of getting like two from there at a cheaper price and sell at a higher price. Thanks for sinking this idea in my head.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful idea for you! Well done! Buying low and selling higher has been a great business move for many people! I wish you nothing but the best!

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