A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member – Meet Raymond!

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When opportunity presents itself, you scoop it up with both arms, carry it close to you, and find a safe place to have a heart-to-heart conversation!  When David and I discussed further steps to take in our business, we had mentioned the possibility of interviewing other successful marketers, but we thought it was a little way off yet!

So when Raymond approached me first for an interview, I couldn’t say no!  After all, he also agreed to answer any questions I might have for him!  BINGO!  Raymond gave us an opportunity to share more of our story.  The story we love to tell – the one about Wealthy Affiliate.  We want the world to know and be a part of what we have at our fingertips!  For a quick recap of Wealthy Affiliate, you may read more here.  Otherwise, read on.  Get Raymond’s perspective!


A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member

Meet Raymond!  Raymond has been a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate since 2015.  He owns and operates a couple of websites, where he is regularly producing content for his audience.  When he presented me with an opportunity to interview him about his experience as an entrepreneur and his views on Wealthy Affiliate, I had to say, Yes! Please read on to see what Raymond offers as keys to his success and additional tips for you, my friend!

meet Raymond

1- How And When Did you Find Wealthy Affiliate?

Way back in 2015. The best part has always been the community. People are so enthusiastic to help.


2- What is the best piece of advice you ever received?

There was a study done on chimps several years ago. They placed a ladder in the middle of the room with a bunch of bananas on top of the ladders. Every time a chimp tried to grab a banana, the entire room was sprayed with water. When new chimps were added to the room, every time a new chimp tried to climb the ladder they stopped them from doing so.

After a while, all the old chimps were removed and all the new ones remained that had no experience with the water. They continued that behavior.  Your audience is those chimps. Treat them well. Be authentic. Treat them badly and you’ll have generations of chimps warding their friends away from your site and they won’t even know why.


3- How did you come up with the idea for your website?

I’ve worked in Mental Health for at least 10 years. The relationship blogger seemed an easy transition. Wealth Citizen, on the other hand, is a new and exciting adventure 🙂


4- What is the biggest mistake you have made in your business?

Thinking that my audience needed to be “told” anything.hands shaking


5- How do you create content for your website?

Through my experience. I’m an experience based blogger. So If I’ve experienced it I’m really good at conveying that to a blog post.


6- What is the best tool or training course you have ever bought for your business?

Honestly? Wealthy Affiliate. And I mean that. I wish I had stuck at it for the length I’ve been online.


7- Where do you see your business in 5 years?

Global domination! Haha, no. I only want to be comfortable. We are a happy family and we don’t really need much. We are short on cash though! It would make life easier.


8- Who do you regard as role models in your business?

Hmmm. I’ve never been a role model type of guy. I’m more of a leader rather than a follower. If anything I was born to lead. But if I was to say anyone — I do admire how Jordan Peterson has managed to keep it together and make massive amounts of money from his negative press.


9- What would be your top 3 pieces of advice for a new entrepreneur?Word optimistic - in a bubble

A. Stick at it. Success won’t come easy. Easy is for people that want to have their credit card details stolen.

B. Make connections. Make so many connections that when you have ideas you can make them happen through the people that you’ve built relationships with.

C. Maintain integrity. Your reputation is all you have in this industry. Remember the monkeys I told you about earlier? That stuff sticks.


10- Tell everyone an interesting fact that not many people know about you. (Does not have to be business-related!)

I was initially in the under 14’s Scotland International Golf Team and headed for top tier Universities once upon a time but I threw it all down the toilet with drugs, drink, women & partying! 🙂


Anything additional you’d like to add?

Stick at it. I promise your success will come eventually. I might not earn through moving my people anywhere but since I have such a high DA with the Relationship Blogger I can charge over £200 a pop for a link and get it done. There are so many ways to earn you’re going to love it.  STICK AT IT!

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Growing Professionally

In any business, it’s important to get to know others in the field.  You can learn from one another and help each other to grow.  The world of entrepreneurship can be a tough place, but if you can build relationships with others who will propel you forward, it’s the key to success.  If you’re interested, check out this post on why building strong business relationships are beneficial for your business!  Many thanks to Raymond for allowing me to ask him some questions about his success and his business.  Watch for more interviews in the future!  David and I want to provide you with stories of others we admire and who are successful entrepreneurs.  We can learn so much from others!


“In business, it’s about people.  It’s about relationships”
           ~ Kathy Ireland  ~


Until Next Time!


15 thoughts on “A Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member – Meet Raymond!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article was interesting and informative. I have got a lot of information about the wealthy affiliate premium Member. 

    I have been associated with wealthy Affiliate Marketing for two years and have been doing this wealthy affiliate marketing for a long time and it is very low income in the first place so I have to be patient and build relationships with other people and move and share my experience with them. 

    And by listening to their experiences, I have to increase my enthusiasm and move forward This is the best approach for wealthy affiliate marketing. By wealthy affiliate marketing, I have been able to change my life and through it, I have succeeded. 

    I will share the article with my friends so that my friends will benefit from reading this article and sharing this valuable information. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back to your website later. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

    1. Hello, my friend!

      Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this post! I am happy to hear that you’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while, but that you were still able to learn something from my interview with Raymond!

      David and I are focused on helping others, so to know you were helped makes us happy! We appreciate your comment and your insight! Best wishes to you as you continue to build your business!


  2. Lovely article, will really help someone who wants to start up something online. I like your use of visual aid, the jaxxy explanation is also of help too. I like the fact that you have an affilate link for people who wants to go into online marketing, or creating their own niche. All in all i love everything you wrote.

    1. Hello, Eunice!

      Thank you for your kind comment! I’m so happy you found value here and in the Jaaxy explanation! I wish you nothing but success!


  3. What a great interview article about WA!

    My WA name is GWGatWo. I’m also a new WA premium member since January.

    It’s already been an amazing journey to walk through all the training courses in the community, and other members are always happy to help and support.

    Looking forward to connecting with all of you and become successful in affiliate marketing!

    1. Hello, Friend!

      I’m so happy you decided to join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member (I found you on the platform so we can connect)! The training is top-notch and as you said, there is so much help available to the members!

      I wish you much success as you begin building the foundation for your business! Thank you for stopping by!


  4. Thanks, Heidi,

    I like the encouragement that Raymond gave us as he shared his journey. I agree with both of you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn about making money online. I also like how he shared about transitioning into being “The Relationship Blogger,” and then about his interests toward the online business side.

    I hope all of us are persistent enough, as Raymond indicated, to stick with it long enough to see success come our way.


  5. Hi Heidi,

    As always, your posts are full of out of the box ideas. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I find your interview with Raymond, a wealthy affiliate premium member to be quite motivating and eye-opening. 

    Stick to it, is the keyword and most crucial thing Raymond said, I think patience and determination are essential in running a long term sustainable affiliate marketing business online.

    How about publishing a case study of another Wealthy Affiliate member that was able to generate decent income within a year or less? If you did write such a case study, can you please send me the link?

    Thank you for such a fantastic post, and keep it up!


    1. Hi, Jordan!

      David and I are looking more into the interview processes and we have some pretty exciting things coming up! Please check back to see what we’re up to! I think once our ideas make it into the action process, you’re going to love the outcome!! 🙂

      I’m so happy you’re a part of Wealthy Affiliate and can validate my words! Thank you for stopping by and for the great thoughts!


  6. What a great idea, getting to know others in your field, and connecting, this is awesome, you can learn and exchange ideas, and grow together in business.

    I found the interview very interesting especially the story about the chimps and the bananas. It’s true that if you treat your audience badly, then they will tell others and that means your business will take a hit. I would have liked him(Raymond) to elaborate on when he said that the biggest mistake he made was thinking that his audience needed to be told anything. What did he mean by that?

    I do agree on the part about making connections in business. And sticking at it, I think many people give up too quickly, so I think the advice about sticking with it is great.

    All and all, a very interesting interview, great questions, and great answers.


    1. Hi, Rose!

      Thank you for stopping by! I will reach out to Raymond and have him elaborate on that answer for you! If you’re curious, surely others may be as well!

      It’s a great thing to get to know others in your field – or niche! We’re lucky to have Raymond be a part of our story here at The Digital Marketing Launchpad!

      Good luck to you always!

  7. I love the story of the chimp in response to question number 2. Creating based on your experience is really the best way to proceed. Someone could claim that lack of creativity in the first place, but not necessarily, as your experiences are the base of your creation, not necessarily a big whole of it.

    Integrity, persistence, and networking (close to Elon Musk). I don’t like to mention net-working as I’m kind of shy… but I fully agree with those 3. Raymond, it takes courage to respond to question number 10 the way you did it: Thanks!

    This is an inspiring post, based in Raymond’s reality. Thanks for delivering it to us!

    1. Hi, Juan!

      I sure appreciate your visit and your insight! We’re lucky we found Raymond and he was so willing to share his story with us! We’re hoping to expand on this interview and begin putting together a portfolio of several others! Please stay tuned!

      Best wishes as you continue building your business!

  8. Hi Heidi

    Great article indeed. Circumstances forced me to take a break from WA and when I see how you have soldiered on I’m energised with determination to come back. I particularly like the interview approach to your post.

    Once again, a great thank you for a great work. A great success to your entrepreneurial journey.

    1. Hey, Festus!

      I’m happy to hear that you have experience with Wealthy Affiliate! I’m certainly an advocate for it. The training, hosting, and the community are some of my favorite things about it. I hope to see you there! Thank you so much for stopping by! Wishing you success as well, my friend!


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