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On this page we have created some resources that you might find helpful when promoting the product

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    Check out the SALES PAGE to get familiar with the product
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    Check out the JV Tools on this page, including Benefits List, Banners and Email Swipes
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Banner Ads

Email Swipes

Here are some simple examples of emails that you could send to prospective customers on your list:

Option 1: Short email

SUBJECT:  Start Creating Your Own Digital Products - Today!

BODY: I know your time is short so instead of writing a long email about this I’m just going to recommend you check it out for yourself: 

The Digital Marketing Launchpad is an online manual that teaches you how to Create, Market, and Sell your digital products - at no cost throughout the entire process!

This really speaks for itself: 

1) Discover the amazing free tools and techniques you can use to begin (or scale) your online business

2) Create your own digital products at absolutely zero cost!

3) The entire step-by-step process - starting from scratch and building - will help you to create the online business you’ve been dreaming of

This product is from two people I really trust in terms of value offered so I highly recommend getting in on this before the price goes up!

Take advantage here [ INSERT YOUR LINK ]

Kind regards,


Option 2: Longer email

SUBJECT: WOW! OUTSTANDING – You’ve got to see this….


I wasn’t planning on emailing you today at all…

But this is pretty special and I felt couldn’t wait until tomorrow!

[The Digital Marketing Launchpad] (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

I’ve just gone through this PDF from start to finish (I only got my hands on it myself this morning)..

…and am seriously impressed.

Whether you are starting out, have struggled for years or have a 6- or 7-figure business, my advice here is, “Just get it.”

Seriously, drop what you are doing and just get this

I hope you do because in my opinion, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t.

Kind regards,

[ Insert Your Name ]

P.S. After you’ve been through it, please feel free to hit reply to this email and let me know your biggest takeaway (there are a LOT to choose from!).

I’ll get back to you personally…

Promotional Rules (Very Important)

1) Please remember you MUST comply with FTC Testimonial Guidelines (see here)

2) No negative campaigns such as “product name/author name scam”. This creates a very bad image for our company and products and shows affiliates in a poor light too.

3) No buying through your own affiliate link. Anyone caught doing this will be banned as an affiliate and customer.

4) Being sensible, genuine and treating subscribers/customers as we would like to be treated (i.e., with respect) is the best and fastest way to building a sustainable and lifetime business.

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