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Earning Passive Income In Your Business

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How is the business coming along?  Have you been diligent in doing what is necessary to see success?  What does your success look like?  Are you proud of what your business is shaping up to be?  There’s no doubt if you’re trying to run a successful business online, there’s likely a strong desire to make some money.  The best kind of money to be made online is in the form of passive income.


What Is Passive Income?

Passive income includes earnings from sources in which a person is not actively involved.  Some examples of this would be profit, interest, and dividend income, rental properties, annuities, and if we zoom in on making money online, affiliate marketing or digital marketing is a great way to earn passive income.

For David and me, passive income includes the sales of our eBook, “The Digital Marketing Launchpad“, selling affiliate products, or any other products we create.  (Stay tuned!  We have some exciting projects coming up!)  We’ve also seen others utilize things such as Google Adsense or other creative means to earn passive income via the use of websites.

Basically, you do the work upfront.  It’s not always easy, and it’s not a race.  In fact, the world of making money online is all about patience and persistence.  If you build from the ground up and create a solid foundation on which to keep building, you’ll eventually see passive income.  Your hard work will begin to pay off, and one day, you’ll wake up to a sale!  Pretty soon, one sale turns into many, and it’s all because you’ve done the hard work in the beginning!  If you’d like to learn more about how to earn money while you’re dreaming at night, check out this post about creating products that sell while you sleep!


Ever Heard Of Serendipity? magical girl holding hour glass

According to Lexico.com, Serendipity means, “The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” Basically, it’s finding valuable things unintentionally, without looking for them. Cool, right? I sure think so!

The origin of the word goes back to 1754. Serendipity was coined by Horace Walpole, suggested by The Three Princes of Serendip, the title of a fairy tale in which the heroes ‘were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of’.


Is Your Business Serendipitous?

Let’s think for a moment.  Let’s pretend that you’re an internet marketer.  You want to sell both your own products and the products of others online.  You have researched digital marketing and affiliate marketing.  You start a website.  Don’t know how to do this?  Check out this post!  Once you get everything set up and running smoothly, it’s time to build an audience.  You want to get traffic to your website, right?  Otherwise, how will you ever make money?  Here are some tips on getting free traffic to your website.


Examples Of Serendipity In Online Business

* Waking up to find out you’ve got a new organic comment on your latest blog post

* Checking your affiliate accounts and realizing you have made a commission on a sale or two

* Accidentally finding someone to partner a business with so you may collaborate on future projects, both experiencing success

* Not having to pay for adverts because a friend said he’d feature you and your business in an article on his website.  He has thousands of followers – score!

* Working your tail off on fixing your website issues and noticing the jump organic traffic coming to your website

* Getting your website or post indexed by the one and only Google or other search engines


It’s Very Realuniverse / large moon

Sometimes, the Universe wants to reward us.  In doing so, it allows things to happen to us when we’re least expecting it.  Often times, it seems as though the stars have aligned and everything is working out as it should.  You couldn’t have planned it any better if you were given the chance to make it happen.  What do you do then?  Well, accept it, of course!  Smile and be thankful!  Who are we to turn down a miraculous surprise that has just made our day or week?

Serendipity is magical because these things happen in life without you planning on a particular outcome. You don’t go searching for gold in your backyard if you’re burying your deceased hamster. You’re not expecting a waterfall at the end of the long dirt road. You never expect others to find your published content, so organic comments remain a surprise.  You never have enough faith to believe that the power of your words can persuade others to take your advice when you recommend a product to them, and they follow through with a purchase.


Earning Passive Income In Your Business

Let’s circle back to making money, shall we?  I could go on for hours about all the different options you could utilize to make money online.  I cannot stress enough the fact that you won’t be making loads of money overnight.  There is a process of setting up a solid foundation.  Ethics, morals, and integrity should all be involved as well.  You want to build a brand that people trust and in doing so, you’ll build your online presence and authority.  Once you have managed that, and have traffic to your website, you can begin the steps to monetize your website.  Think about incorporating multiple streams of income into the build of your website.  This will increase the opportunity for earning more passive income down the road.


Quick Ideas light bulb

So what can you do?  Where can you begin?  If you’re interested in creating up to two websites for free, you’re going to want to check out this opportunity!  It’s completely free to sign up, and it’s where David and I both learned so much about building websites, creating great content based on SEO and keyword research, etc.  Heck, it’s where we meet each other and decided to partner this business together!  We completely stand behind our experience and recommendation to give Wealthy Affiliate a try!  There’s no catch!

Once you’re ready to begin thinking about monetizing your websites, we have a couple of recommendations for you that will get you off to the races!  We wrote an eBook discussing the outline to create, market, and sell your digital products in as little as 24 hours.  You may get a copy here.  Also, we’ve done some digging for you (so you don’t have to) to come up with some of the top affiliate programs you can be a part of.  That’s a free resource and you can snag a copy here.


As always, David and I wish you the best of luck as you begin your online money-making adventure!  It’s quite an incredible journey – one that we have found serendipitous in several ways!!

The next time you feel like everything is falling into place, let it.  Just BE! It’s quite possibly – serendipity!!!


Until Next Time,



8 thoughts on “Earning Passive Income In Your Business

  1. Hi Heidi! Your article reminds me of the old saying “we make our own luck”. There is definitely some luck involved in online business success, but for the most part, we make it ourselves through hard work, persistence, improving our skills, and broadening our network. 

    Plus using the right tools! Wealthy Affiliate has been the perfect choice for me. I’m already enjoying the wonderful feeling of serendipity after just a short time. 🙂


    1. Great article Heidi, I really enjoyed it! I like how Katie above compared serendipity to the phrase “we make our own luck”. I think that’s exactly what this is about!

      I’ve never heard of the term “serendipity” before, which made this article so much more interesting. It’s a beautiful concept and anyone who’s ever tried to create something on their own knows that it is REAL. Sometimes it’s even these unexpected events that take us down a completely new road, which will eventually turn into our main business or passion.

      Of course it’s important to have a plan and follow through, especially when it’s about work, business, and making money. Nevertheless, the real world is not like an employment environment with scripts and processes… I feel like in the real world, chaos is much more present than most of us would like to acknowledge. And within this chaos, being open to opportunities, and being able to jump on them, is vital.

      I guess that’s how I would say “we make our own luck”, or how we can use serendipity to our own advantage: By always being in a position that allows us to take advantage of any new opportunity. That means taking care of our daily tasks & chores, putting money aside, and always learning new things to RECOGNIZE such opportunities!

      1. Hello, James!

        It’s always a pleasure to hear from you! I’m happy to introduce you to the word, ‘serendipity’! It’s such a lovely thing and I hope you are able to experience so much of it in your lifetime, and especially business!

        It seems like I’m always trying to minimize the chaos that daily life brings. As you say, it’s very important to keep it at bay. New opportunities are always present, but are we truly recognizing them and taking advantage? Let us be more open to these experiences!

        Best wishes as you continue to build your business, my friend!

        1. Hi Heidi,
          Thanks for your reply! I think you’re right, we probably oversee many opportunities in life & business – maybe even on a daily basis. I should allow myself to be more open to them and let serendipity work for me! Best wishes to you too and keep up the amazing work you guys do here on your blog.

  2. Dear David & Heidi,

    Thank you for this very thought provoking post. It’s very exciting to think of earning money while you sleep or waking up to find that good things have happened in your business. I think the key thing to remember is that you have to put in the work in advance so that you can reap these unexpected rewards later!

    Thanks once again, and I expect I will be visiting your site again soon!



  3. I am dreaming at night and earning money at the same time is awesome. Your article thoroughly described the most effective way to earn passive money online. 

    As you clearly stated, the right thing to do is to build now and prepare the site for an unexpected harvest. There is an uncertainty in the employment market nowadays. I am currently building my website with Wealthy Affiliate and looking forward to using it to earn a Passive Income in the future. Please I am also interested in creating the two website for free. Regards

  4. Hello, 

    I am very happy to have discovered your website and this very interesting article. I am very motivated to start working hard on my business and do whatever it takes to reach the levels of earning passive income. Thank you for this great explanation of how it works as I didn’t really understand what it meant before.


    1. Hi Benny

      Thank you very much for this lovely comment. I’m really glad to hear you have been inspired to work hard on your business. It’s so true that the work we do now might not pay off immediately – but it will certainly pay off for years to come when you build your business.



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