ezsalaryz review

EZSalaryZ Review

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Building a Membership Site is a well-known and highly profitable online business model that has been used by some of the most successful digital marketers in history. In this EZSalaryZ review we are going to take a look at this brand new piece of software which claims to be able to create a brand new membership site in a matter of seconds and load it with your content by pushing just one button.

What Is EZSalaryZ?

ezsalaryz review

EZSalaryZ is a new software product created and marketed by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton. The product is being marketed as a solution to the problem of needing to earn a monthly salary from your job. Obviously we all need some form of monthly income to pay our bills but is EZSalaryZ really going to allow us to do that thing we all dream of doing, and fire the boss?

EZSalaryZ claims to be able to replace your salary and give you freedom as well, by creating a recurring income – just like your monthly salary. This of course means:

  • No Commuting To Work
  • No working for 8-10 hours per day
  • No working to make someone else rich
  • No Boss giving you orders
  • No asking for permission to take a vacation or spend time with your family.

This of course all sounds very idyllic and is what pretty much every online entrepreneur is looking for; so have we finally found the way to achieve it? Read on to find out more and also check out our demonstration video which shows you inside the EZSalaryZ members’ area.

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About EZSalaryZ – What Does It Do?

ezsalaryz review

EZSalaryZ is a piece of software for creating a membership site. A membership site is essentially a website that customers pay you a monthly membership fee for access to the content of the site. This means that you need to be able to provide quality content that customers will want to consume, first of all to get them to sign up in the first place, and secondly to keep them as members’ by continually adding new content.

With EZSalaryZ you login to the web-based software and then just push ONE button and all your content including both data and videos is pulled into the membership site. All the pages of the site are created automatically and you can start getting members’ for your site within a matter of seconds!

So where does all the content come from?

According to the sales page the software automatically pulls content from Amazon S3, Google Drive, Vimeo and Dropbox to create the membership site with pages created and ready to start making money within 30 seconds! There is a video on the sales page of the vendor creating a membership site from scratch in 48 seconds although it is unclear what content is being added and how the new site actually works.

Another benefit mentioned here is that you don’t need to pay for a domain name or hosting as that is all included. This would certainly save a considerable start up expense of any online business.

What about getting content for your own site?

The sales page also refers to getting white label products to use as content. (I assume this would be products more commonly referred to as PLR or products with resale rights) There is a bonus video included to walk you through this and a checklist for things to consider.

Other benefits of EZSalaryZ include:

  • Quick and Easy Creation of membership sites
  • Connect 20+ autoresponders and build your email list
  • Domain name and hosting included
  • Cloud based – no installing or setup required
  • Pre-made sales pages
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Customizable with logo and colors
  • Customized transaction emails
  • Connect to other cloud based apps
  • Unlimited content
  • Add thousands of members’
  • Charge any price
  • Drip content into your site
  • Connect to third party apps
  • Unlimited products and funnels
  • Add your own domains or use subdomains
  • Automatic page creation
  • Multiple payment gateways

These are some excellent benefits and makes EZSalaryZ seem like a very attractive proposition.

There are also a number of bonuses which include:

  • Training on selecting and using white-label products
  • Product creation training
  • Premium agency licence
  • Private FB group for members’
  • A case study about 300k visitors

How Much Does EZSalaryZ Cost?

There are two levels of EZSalaryZ available.

The Lite edition has a 1 site licence and a regular price of $97 but at the time of writing is available for just $22

The PRO edition has some “done for you” benefits included and multiple sites. It has a regular price of $197 but at the time of writing was available for just $22.60

The product offers a 30-day money back guarantee but you will need to provide a valid reason for the refund and proof that you tried the software and it didn’t work for you.

Can You Make Money With EZSalaryZ?

ezsalaryz review

Membership sites are already a well-established way of making a good income online but does EZSalaryZ deliver what it promises?

When You get to the members’ area of EZSalaryZ you are presented with a series of training videos. One of the first things that strikes you is the constant referral to liking the videos on YouTube and sure enough if you go to Mosh Bari’s YouTube channel you will find some of these videos there!

However there are a series of training videos which do not appear to be in the public domain too.

These videos are broken up into a series of training sections and each sections looks very like one of the individual membership sites that you can create with the product.

The training covers:

  • Introduction to membership sites for monthly income
  • Finding a profitable niche
  • A white label profit plan
  • Product creation success training
  • JV Review Access
  • A 90 seconds demo – showing a site being created in 90 seconds
  • EZSalaryZ customer training
  • Adding YouTube videos or any content as the product
  • The “done for you” sections – these are some ready-made membership sites that you can customize and add your own content to

The training does indeed go into great detail and shows you how to set up the membership sites with content.

But Can you make money with EZSalaryZ?

This is of course the most important thing. To make money from your membership site you need to be able to drive traffic to it and get paying customers. There appears to be very little in the way of training on how to do this which is a big disappointment.

If you were able to source some good quality white label content and also had some experience in driving traffic then I would say Yes you can make money with this

Pros Of EZSalaryZ

  • Good training on the use of the product. There is definitely a good series of training videos which show you how to set things up and build your site with the product
  • Low Startup costs. The fact that you don’t need a domain or hosting as well as using white label products for content means that your costs to get started are relatively low.

Cons of EZSalaryZ

  • Lack of Customer Acquisition training. It’s all very well setting up a membership site but if you don’t have traffic then it won’t ever make you money. I think this is very much lacking in the product
  • Use of white label content. Using PLR / resell rights / white label content is a bit of a minefield in my experience. If you can source quality content then that’s great but the vast majority of this content is poorly written and may give bad advice or reflect badly on you and your business.
  • Conditional Guarantee. You won’t get a refund without proving that it didn’t work for you.

Is EZSalaryZ A Scam?

Having looked through the actual product and seen what is included and how it can be used to create an online business I would have to conclude that EZSalaryZ is NOT A Scam. Membership sites are a great way to build an online business and you can certainly create a membership site using this tool. Check out the video below where I show you around inside the EZSalaryZ dashboard.

Final Thoughts

I am undecided about EZSalaryZ based on what I have seen of the product. There is no doubt about the fact that membership sites are a great way to build a business but I have some real concerns about the quality of site you might create with EZSalaryZ.

Most membership sites are created with a well-established software product or a wordpress plugin. These can create some extremely professional looking sites which would inspire confidence in any potential customer. I am dubious as to how confident a potential customer would feel about one of these EZSalaryZ sites.

I am also not a big fan of using white label content due to the very variable quality of the content out there. Adding it to a membership site sounds like asking for trouble to me. I would be more inclined to try to add more of my own content.

What’s The Alternative?

Heidi and I are often asked what program we recommend to people who want to get started in an online business and we always recommend that you choose one of two proven methods for building an online business.

If you believe that affiliate marketing is the way forward for your business then we have no hesitation in recommending this proven system which will show you how to build an online business and website from the ground up with training and support to help you every step of the way.

This system shows you how to attract FREE organic traffic so that people come to you out of choice rather than because you bombarded them with adverts or spam messages.

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If you are ready to build a business selling your own products then we have laid out the entire process to help you do that in our book “The Digital Marketing Launchpad“. This is our own tried tested and proven method for creating your own digital products to sell and we cover product research, creating products with free tools, selling and taking payments for your products, and getting traffic and customers too. Click the image below to find out more!

Thanks for checking out this review and please leave any comments or questions below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best


10 thoughts on “EZSalaryZ Review

  1. To be honest EZ salaryz is a great platform and I’m quite delighted you have done a review here and the fact that it offers such a high promissory chances of making it big. However, I dont believe in all these done for you and easy money making platforms like this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. Thumbs up

    1. Hi Rodarrick

      I agree that EZSalaryZ is a solid product which can be used to create a genuine membership site but I’m a bit dubious about product quality. There’s certainly no such thing as easy money online – anything which promises otherwise is probably a scam.



  2. First of all thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article which is very helpful to me .I’ve been working in the online world for a long time, and I’ve done a lot of research on EZSalaryZ and I think it’s not right for me. So I’m doing affiliate marketing through a wealthy affiliate website and I’m a successful affiliate marketer .The wealthy affiliate website felt safe to me. And has provided me with a lot of tutorial videos to learn affiliate marketing. As well as providing a lot of tools to take my website to a good level .I read the book “The Digital Marketing Launchpad” myself and benefited greatly .Thank you for your wonderful advice .

    I think your article is very important for beginners. So I will pass your article on to my friends and they will be greatly benefited by your advice and will certainly share their success with you in the affiliate world. Also, I recommend them to read the book “The Digital Marketing Launchpad” .Can I share your article on my social media?

    1. Hi Shanta

      Creating a membership site is not for everyone and it is definitely a more advanced strategy than affiliate marketing or product creation.

      I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed our book “The Digital Marketing Launchpad” and have been using it to build your business. Thanks for sharing the advice with others and you are welcome to share the article via social media too.

      Best wishes


  3. I have never thought of building a membership site. It is truly a beautiful thing to do and honestly I think it would be very beautiful to make money like that. I am very happy that you can give us information about this platform but it seems though as the training is not sufficient and making money with the platform will be a little bit of a hassle. I’m happy you shared this content with us here. Thanks

    1. Hi Henderson

      Building a membership site is a great idea and can bring you in a very nice income in the longer term but it is important to make sure it is professional. EZSalaryZ is definitely an option but probably not the one I would choose either.



  4. Great article, In one point, I was almost saying EZSalaryZ is the real deal. Many companies like EZSalaryZ deals seem to be so real and truth. I share your view about the quality of site you might create with EZSalaryZ. But what if there are no traffic on the membership site, can you still make money on the content created? 

    You mentioned they have good training and well established wordpress plugins, Can one be able to transfer the knowledge acquired with the already established website to a new hosting company?  Thanks.

    1. Hi Jeff

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this EZSalaryZ review. There is definitely a question over the quality of any content you might create for your site by using white label material.

      Without traffic your membership site will obviously fail and so you will need to be able to drive traffic to your new site. We discuss free traffic strategies here at TheDigitalMarketingLaunchpad.com so please take a look and see what strategies you might find useful.



  5. Hello, Your guide is very useful on EZsalaryz. Most membership sites are created with a well-established software product or a wordpress plugin. I am also not a big fan of using white label content due to the very variable quality of the content out there. Adding it to a membership site sounds like asking for trouble to me. Now I going with your alternative to start my own affiliate marketing. Thanks for your awesome guide.

    1. HI Lalita

      I completely agree with what you say about using white label content. There is definitely some good PLR available but a lot f it is very low quality indeed and would reflect badly on your business. I’m glad to hear you are considering joining Wealthy Affiliate – I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed



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