Grow Your Online Business By Guest Posting

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You’re looking for more ways to get eyes reading your content.  Isn’t that the goal of any writer or blogger?  I think we can also agree that if you have a website, you’re trying to generate traffic to your content, no matter what kind it is.  You may even be at the point where you feel you’ve exhausted all your ideas and have fallen privy to lack of motivation or ambition, and no real desire to push your limits any longer.  Wait!  Don’t give up just yet!  This idea I have may just knock your socks right off and give you the boost it takes to continue through this possible dry spell you’re experiencing!


Guest Posting!Typewriter and workspace

Guest posting?  What’s that?  Why it’s simply a clever way to grow your online business!  Let’s break down the deets, shall we!  Starting at the beginning, guest posting is when you write content for someone else to publish on his/her website or blog.  You’re a guest providing valuable content to another website, outside of your own.  I know what you’re thinking!  You can hardly keep up with writing content for your own site; how will you ever find time to write for someone else?



Let’s think about this in a little more detail, shall we!  Sure, you’re doing all the content writing for your own site.  How are you liking the amount of traffic you’re getting?  Still looking for ways to build, reach more people, and grow exponentially?  I thought you might be shaking your head in agreement!  Well good!  Then once I share some benefits of growing your business by guest posting, surely you’ll see the many positives that will derive from doing so!  This idea of guest posting is very new to me, but it’s something I wish David and I would have done earlier when we began our website!  Why?  There is no negative down-side!  All of the reasons for guest posting present positive outcomes!


Benefits Of Guest Posting

Since I can see no immediate negative to posting content on another website, we’re going to focus on what I believe the positives are for putting your work on someone else’s online property.   Remember, you are looking for ideas, correct?  In no particular order, check out my list of awesome perks of guest posting!

Working together

1.  You’re Introduced To New People ~ How could this be anything other than a positive?  When you work from home, any relationship should be treated like gold, specifically since you seem to spend so much time away from people.  When you have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people, take advantage!  After all, you’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.  Make your new relationships count.

2.  It’s Great For Search Engines ~ You want your words to be found, correct?  When you write guest posts for other bloggers, one of the things that should be exchanged for your work is a mention to your own website.  These backlinks are great for search engines.  In time, the use of these backlinks will be beneficial to those searching for your topic.  Places like Yahoo, Bing, and Google will find your content easier.

3.  Builds Relationships ~ When you add content to another website, you’re adding value to someone else’s website.  It’s a natural side effect to meet other bloggers in the process.  You may meet some influential bloggers this way, which will definitely benefit you.  If you build relationships with other bloggers, they may share your content as well!  You might end up growing your blog subscribers because others have shared your content and became interested in your work!

4.  Improves Writing Skills ~ I once read somewhere that there are great writers and then there are Great Writers.  You’ve also heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect”.  The hardest step sometimes is just to begin. The more you write, the better you’ll be.  The better you become, the more your confidence grows.  Thus, traffic to your website will grow, along with your brand and authority!

5.  Helps To Establish Trust And Authority ~ If you are guest posting for someone else, the readers at that website will see you as an expert in the field you’re writing about.  You won’t be approached to write content for someone if you know nothing about that niche.  If you’re sought out to write for someone else, that’s because you’re already valued.  Once others begin to realize that, your own website’s brand, trust, and authority will strengthen.

6.  Grows Your Social Media Following ~ If you aren’t already using social media to help get your content in front of more eyes, you need to be.  There are several free social media sites that you can take advantage of.  You should be sharing your content at each new opportunity.  When you have others interested in your content, they’ll naturally want to read more of your work.  They won’t want to miss out on any more of your writing, so they’ll want to follow you on social media platforms, expecting you to keep them informed of new content.  Seriously, this is one of my favorite tips!  It also gives others an opportunity to share your content.  There is no disadvantage here, my friend!


Opportunity Awaits!  Woman in beautiful field of flowers

A few days ago, I was asked to write a post for a blogging friend.  I have written a few other posts and submitted some content for others, but this was different.  Diana reached out to me wondering if I would have any interest in contributing to her site.  When I saw her website, I knew that I would be able to add value.  I agree with the topics she presents in her writing, and her beliefs align with mine.  That made for the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate!  If you’re interested in the post I wrote for Diana’s website, you may find it here.

It’s becoming quite clear to me that the more you get your name and work out there, the more others will notice you.  Your online presence grows each time you publish something.  In turn, your work will be linked to your own website, bringing in more interest and traffic.  You will indeed grow your online business by guest posting.  Something else that should be noted as well is that you may want to consider allowing guest writers for your own site and niche.  Just think about being able to help other writers out as some have helped you!  


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10 thoughts on “Grow Your Online Business By Guest Posting

  1. What a novel idea Heidi, and one that definitely gets my attention. I understand the theory, and I understand that you have been tapped on the shoulder, with some success, by other webmasters.

    What I wonder about is if you have any advice on how you approach other webmasters to offer this (your content) to them for their sites. Do you and David write for each other’s sites and lastly what metrics have you been able to use so far to determine and measure the success of those backlinks that you refer to in your article.



    1. Hello, Hamish!

      Thank you for stopping by! I have noticed that several bloggers broadcast the opportunity for guest posting on their website. An idea that I’ve also had is to just find contact information for those you may be interested in sharing content with and sending them an email. It never hurts to ask and put yourself out there!

      We’re able to watch the analytics and stats to see that it has helped to use backlinks. Also, we’re in contact with the web hosts of the websites we’re writing content for and they’ve indicated that traffic increases.

      To your success, my friend!!

  2. I have talked to my wife about just this idea. She wanted to do a blog herself, but would let me be a guest blogger on her website and her on mine to grow both of our sites. The whole idea is to get traffic right? Why not double up the number of eyes and get more people involved! I love this idea!

    1. Hi, Travis!

      Yes! You raise a great idea! It is in fact, a great idea for increasing traffic. What a great way for you and your wife to collaborate! Wishing you much success as you continue to grow your business!


  3. Thanks Heidi for sharing this wonderful concept. All the benefits are very concise and correct. It is as good as linking up with someone’s YouTube Video. It really a super way of getting traffic. Helping one another to be success will help to build trust and relationships with our fellow marketers. 

    This is one of the amazing factor with our online businesses. Wow! I am going to start looking for opportunities for posting to other people’s blog pages and I know I will certainly have someone else posting to mine because you reap what you sow.

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by!

      Yes! It is also a great idea to help share content like YouTube videos as well! Any way to share your content is a fantastic idea. I’m hoping you find some great opportunities and can experience an increase in traffic to your website!


  4. The concept of guest posting is unique and amazing! I find it really interesting because of the trust relationships it creates and the energy exchange it creates. Certainly as the saying goes ” two good heads are better than one” also “iron sharpeneth iron” this will definitely drive your writing skills to the edge because you will naturally find yourself breaking new frontiers and coming up with great articles just to make sure you meet up with the expectation of your team. 

    Also it creates a sense of responsibility and commitment because you are compelled to write as an obligation and you really have no options rather than to deliver and more so at your very best. Also if it is scheduled on a regular basis, maybe bi-weekly, woooow! the team will definitely experience an exponential growth quite unprecedented.

    Please can you suggest ways we can find partners for guest posting? Also can you suggest practical schedules that may be adopted efficiently? Thanks for this Idea, i will definitely put it to practice immediately i get a partner. Do you have a team? Are you open to accept more members? I am interested if so. 

    This is a game changer in growing a business online. Thanks again for sharing this article. More success to you goals.  Cheers!

    1. Hello! I appreciate you stopping by!

      We have been very impressed by the outcome of our guest posting on the websites of others! I would most definitely recommend it.

      To answer your question regarding how to find others… If there are blogs you follow regularly, get to know the owner. Comment on posts. Eventually, you’ll create a relationship that will allow for honest communication. Reach out to him/her via contact information on the website of your interest. It cannot hurt to ask! As far as schedules, that will have to be on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you’re working on regular content for your website, it may be difficult to commit to a schedule for writing for others. Sometimes, though, there is a team of people working on one website. In that case, it may be feasible to set a schedule.

      Please feel free to reach out to either David or me and we can discuss possibilities for guest posting!


  5. This is a great idea to attract new people to your own website or blog. I guess you would have to send out a massive amout of request emails to hopefully get a yes to guest post. Most of the blogs in my particular niche are dominated by large companies but it would still be worth a try. This is one of the ways I will give a go with my own website. Thank You for the insight

    1. Hi, Gary!

      We haven’t had much experience in reaching out to others to host on our websites, but it is definitely something to think about! On the other hand, we have had experience writing for others, and it’s been great for us! We will continue to guest post on other websites. There are so many positives that come along with it!

      Best wishes as you move forward with your website!

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