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How I Get Free Traffic To My Website

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I’ve written a few articles recently about how I get free traffic to my website and since they got such good feedback (thank you very much!), I thought I would talk about some of the other methods we use in our business for getting free traffic.

If you haven’t seen the previous articles then click here to read about how you can get free traffic from social media, groups and forums. I also talked about how you can get free traffic by leveraging other peoples sites – click here to see that!

In this article I am going to talk about a few ways you can use your own website to attract free traffic

Create a Giveaway


To make this tactic work, you need to put together a decent prize which you can then give away to the winner. The prize must be a generous one to make sure people get involved. Consider giving away one of your premium products or maybe a few personal coaching sessions with you.

There is a great plugin called Kingsumo which you can use to put your giveaway promotion together. Once you have it created, advertise it like crazy by sharing it on all your social media accounts – your Facebook page, linkedin account, create pins about it for Pinterest.

If you offer a good prize and advertise it well, you can potentially get traffic in the thousands using this method!

Create a Product Bundle To Sell

There are thousands of digital products available in every niche and many marketers have numerous products which might be several years old and no longer selling for them. Make contact with as many established marketers as you can in your niche and ask if they would be prepared to offer one of their older products to form part of a product bundle that you are going to sell.

Now you might be wondering why they would do that for you. The answer is simple – publicity! If you explain that their product will be sold alongside other products from similar marketers then it is an opportunity for them to get some fresh eyes on their old products and potentially new buyers onto their list.

This creates a new and unique product for you because nobody else will be selling this bundle of products. Advertise it to your email list of you have one and on all the social media channels and highlight the fact that this is an opportunity to buy some great products from established marketers at a discounted price!

It also gives your credibility a boost as you are associating yourself with people who are well-established figures within your niche!

Create a Round-Up Post

Spend some time going through posts from other marketers in your niche and make a note of all the news and content that you think might be interesting for your audience.

Create a post which gathers all this information together in a sort of “round-up” of the events of the last week or month. Write a brief summary of each post and then add a link which allows the reader to go and view the original post.

Approach each of the marketers whose posts you have included and tell them about the post and offer it to them as content that they can send to their email list. Be sure to write a good introduction and conclusion section to the post which clearly identifies you as the author as well as a link back to your own site to allow their traffic to find you too.

Write Product Reviews

Product reviews are a great way to get traffic to your site as people are always looking to find out information about any products that they are thinking of buying. You can review both physical products and digital products. Ideally you will want to have personal knowledge and experience with the product as this will lend more credibility to your review if you can show a reader exactly what they will get, or how it works.

Try to structure your reviews in a similar way so that readers start to get a feel for how you lay them out and where they need to go to find a specific piece of information.

You can also use your reviews to compare two products against each other. You should be clear about which product you are promoting and make sure you clearly state which product you are recommending your customer should buy. Yes it’s nice to offer people a choice but you should be showing why the product you recommend is the better choice!

Do An Interview With An Expert

Make a list of some of the experts in your niche and make contact with them to see if they would be willing to do an interview with you. Again you might be wondering why an expert would be willing to give up their time to do an interview and again the answer is – publicity!

Explain that it will be only a short interview – maybe 20-30 minutes and give them a list of questions you are considering asking them to discuss with you. You might even find that the expert suggests some questions that they recommend you ask – particularly if they have a new product being launched that they want to talk about. Giving them an opportunity to discuss a new product and promote it is a great incentive for them to agree to the interview.

Record the interview using something like a Skype recorder or with Zoom. You can then either publish the interview as an audio / video post or have it transcribed into written format and publish it that way. Give the expert a copy of the interview so they can use it on their own site. This allows you to get exposure to their website traffic and again gives you credibility by association with the expert.

Give Your Product Away As A Bonus For Other Marketers

This is a great way to get traffic from Buyers in your niche. Here’s how it works.

Approach other marketers in your niche that are actively selling products. One of the things that anyone selling products needs is bonuses to offer alongside their product. This is where you can come in. Offer to give one of your products away as a bonus for the other marketer.

Your product is offered as a bonus on the sales page for the main product. When a customer buys the main product they will be told that to collect the bonus (your product), they need to go to a special page you have set up on your website. This should be a squeeze page so that you can also get their email address onto your email list when you give the product away.

As long as your product is good you will then be able to build a relationship with the customer and market your other products or suitable affiliate products to them.

How I Get Free Traffic To My Website

There are lots of ways to get free traffic for your website and these are all great ways to not only get traffic but also to build your credibility by associating yourself with experts within your niche. If people start to see you in the same light as more established people, then they are more likely to take interest in what you are saying and trust your judgment when you recommend something to them.

Thanks for reading this article and please leave any comments or questions about these free traffic methods below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best for now!

David and Heidi





4 thoughts on “How I Get Free Traffic To My Website

  1. Hi Dave and Heidi

    I am actually really blown away with all of these strategies. I wasn’t even aware that there was a plug-in that helped you arrange a giveaway, that’s fantastic! 

    Now, my question will be how do I create something within a niche that has nothing to do with marketing. What do I give away? How do I create something that might actually catch other people’s eyes? 



    1. Hi Stephanie.

      Thanks for your comment and that’s a great question too.

      It doesn’t really matter what niche you are in and the giveaway works in any niche. All you have to do is make sure that it is something valuable that will make people desire to win it and so visit your site in order to take part. Getting them on to your site allows you to attract them with your other content too.

      The prize can be either a product of your own, some personal coaching from you, or even an affiliate product that you then buy for the winner.

      All the best


  2. Wow, this is just an awesome post about getting free traffic to our website. Truly, I never knew much of this tips until now, and my favorite on the list here is the very first – Create a Giveaway.

    Indeed, there are so many ways to get free traffic and I’m glad I came across your website. Now I’m going to apply this strategies to my website and as well bookmark this page for reference.

    Thank you for putting this together.

    1. Hi Kell

      It’s great to hear that you found these ideas helpful!

      Creating a giveaway is a great strategy as it encourages people to visit your site to take part in the giveaway. Once you have them on your site then it’s important to have other things to entice them to stay and look around.

      All the best!


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