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How To Become An Entrepreneur Without Money

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Wanting To Begin Your Own Business?

Hello, friend!  It might be that you are here because you’re looking for ways to begin a business on your own.  You’re probably in the research stage and want to find someone to point you in the right direction.  If that’s the case, welcome!  You have found us!  We are Dave and Heidi and we want to give you some hope that it’s possible for you to begin your own business – today – with no money.



It’s True!

If you’re wondering how to become an entrepreneur without money, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks that worked for us.  You’re probably wondering how we can even make such a statement.  Maybe you’ve heard that it can’t be done and that the whole idea is far-fetched.  We’re here to tell you that while it will take you some work, it is definitely not impossible to become an entrepreneur without money upfront.



What Is An Entrepreneur?

Up until recently, I never knew what it meant to be an entrepreneur.  I had heard the word, but never had an interest in learning about it.  What was it?  Who are these people?  What qualities do entrepreneurs possess?  An entrepreneur is simply someone who takes risks to begin a business.  You might be thinking about a businessman or businesswoman.  However, it’s my understanding that businessmen and businesswomen work for others, while an entrepreneur creates the market and becomes a market leader in a specific niche or field of interest.  Therefore, most, if not all entrepreneurs, are self-employed.


Business Plan

Have you thought about what you might like to do?  What kind of business are you after?  Do you want to create your own products to market and sell?  Do you want to help others sell products?  Begin thinking about how you might like to monetize your business.  You already have creative ideas rolling around, as you’re here looking for ideas on how and where to begin this biz!  Dream big, friend!  You have so many opportunities within reach!



Things To Practice

Dave and I became entrepreneurs at different stages in our lives.  For example, Dave has a long history of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to be successful in the area of product creation and digital marketing.  I am quite the opposite, in the fact that I am relatively new to becoming an entrepreneur.  I was a teacher for more than a decade and decided it just wasn’t for me anymore.  I always longed for something different and that would sustain me financially in the future.  We’ve put our experiences and research together and have come up with a list of a few things you can begin practicing today, to prepare yourself for your dive into entrepreneurship.  For example, we’ll elaborate on things such as mindset and motivation, self-discipline and satisfaction, and creativity and collaboration.


Quick Interruption

First, take a second to get out a piece of paper and a pen.  Make a list of things you are passionate about.  Statistically, if you can find something that excites you or interests you, then you can create a successful business based on interests alone.  You want to choose something you love; therefore, ‘work’ will be fun and not boring.  Once you have a list going of things you enjoy, circle your top three favorites.  Begin to think about how you might use these passions to monetize your business.


Mindset & Motivation

Begin seeing yourself as an entrepreneur.  It is important that you can visualize success.  Your success.  It is a real thing, friend!  If you have a business plan or goal, begin to see it.  Success means different things for each of us.  What are you visualizing?  Are you dreaming of your success and thinking of it every day?  How motivated are you to put in the work needed to begin and continue through your business adventure?  With the right mindset and plenty of motivation, you can succeed at anything in life.  Picture your success and think about it every day.


Self-Discipline & Satisfaction

Once you’ve established a positive mindset and you know you’re motivated to continue in the foundation-laying process, think about what else you might need.  If you’re easily motivated, then the chance is great that you’re also self-disciplined.  Can you rely on yourself to stick to your plan?  That means setting up specific goals and time to work on your business.  Can you separate the workload from various distractions around you?

Something we’ve learned along the way is this – if you’re not satisfied with your efforts thus far or if you feel as though something is missing, just take a quick moment to pause.  Find some other business models that are successful.  It’s a great idea anyway to be following others in your field of interest.  You can replicate what’s working for others.  Don’t copy.  Be innovative.  You can see how and what’s working for others, so with your creative skillset, you’ll be able to learn and make other ideas your own.  You can see how others are making it work and put your own spin on it.  There’s really no need to reinvent the wheel.



Creativity & Collaboration

Speaking of being creative, which we already know you are, you have the ability to produce amazing things for your future customers.  What things have you thought about?  What are your strengths?  Are you good at creating content through writing?  Do you enjoy research and compiling facts as evidence?  Write an eBook!  Maybe you like to create videos or tutorials.  If that’s the case, you might excel with YouTube!  Perhaps you’re already making and physical products.  You can use those products as leverage when you begin your business.  Have you ever thought about selling them?

And then, alas, you are feeling like you’ve got the majority of everything you need.  However, you have realized that you’re lacking in one area.  Do you know any others who might complement your business?  In a nutshell, I’m referring to someone you might think of collaborating with.  A business partner or just someone to bounce ideas off from?  In our case, Dave and I learned early on that we complement each other perfectly, based on our individual skill sets.  It is by way of using our own gifts that we’re able to create successful products.  We collaborate regularly and where I fall short, I am able to rely on Dave to tie up those loose ends.


You’ve Got What It Takes

If you can honestly say that you have the qualities I’ve mentioned above, then you can see that it is extremely possible to become an entrepreneur without money.  Really, it’s a mindset.  Now, I don’t doubt that you are skeptical still.  You’re maybe thinking about start-up costs to begin a website or the charge for a domain.  Certainly, there must be fees for a company to host your website.  Sure.  You could pay fees for any of those things.  However, there is a way to do it for free.  Do you want to know our secret?

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Final Thoughts

Dave and I both consider ourselves entrepreneurs.  Has it always been easy?  Of course not.  We would never tell you that it was or is free from hardships or difficulty.  Is it profitable?  You bet it can be!  Our partnership has given us the ability to dream beyond our initial expectations and we are preparing to shoot for the moon.  Nothing is out of reach as an entrepreneur – and we’ve done just about all we’ve done without spending a penny!


If you’re interested, grab yourself a copy of our new eBook, “The Digital Marketing Launchpad”.  Find some other free tips and tricks to help you on your journey of creating, marketing, and selling your own digital products!  We’re daily putting into practice things such as mindset and motivation, self-discipline and satisfaction, and creativity and collaboration.  Our goal is to teach others how to become an entrepreneur without money.  It can be done!



Until Next Time,


8 thoughts on “How To Become An Entrepreneur Without Money

  1. Thanks Heidi! hats off for these tips which are so easy to learn for me. I ‘ve been nursing the idea of becoming an entrepreneur but somehow filled with many uncertainties (money been the major reason). But with your tips that I ‘ve just read and digested, I think this is the best time for me to fly!!!

    Many thanks!

    1. Hey, Jordan!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! I believe there is no better time than now to begin this wonderful adventure! If you ever need help, please reach out and Dave and I would be more than happy to try and help you!

      All the very best to you!

  2. It’s possible to become an entrepreneur without money, all that is needed is a good business plan and to dedicate enough time into it. You also need to practice some consistency. To my own understanding, it’s impossible to be successful without research. You need to gather information about whatever business you’re willing to create or venture in. This will help you know the etiquette of the business. You’ve really shared helpful information here and it’ll serve as a guide for newbies.

    1. You are absolutely right about research – it is a critical point in this business. Having a business plan and working at it consistently is definitely a part of what makes any entrepreneur successful! Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. Being an entrepreneur has different meaning to different people. The one thing common to all is that you own your own business and your space for it. 

    It’s not an easy step to take, it takes courage and strength to bring a business to life. One cogent thing that helped me is getting inspiration and motivation from successful entrepreneurs and learning from how they conduct their business. It helps a lot.

    1. Entrepreneurship envelops several settings; you are right. The one constant is that it’s a business began and operated by you, making you your own boss. 🙂

      Dave and I are both believers in finding successful entrepreneurs and following their model for business. If we want to be successful, it’s important to follow those who already are. This world of online business can be very lucrative and learning from those who’ve already been down that path show us hope and inspire us to do better!

  4. The turning point for me becoming an entrepreneur was when I realized I have skills that could potentially pay me more than my monthly paycheck. I thought to myself, if I really have to work so hard building other people’s business, I may as well work for myself. That’s how I got involved in affiliate marketing and wow, what a turbulent journey it has been so far. 
    Not easy for sure, but not impossible either. It’s all about the mindset and attitude. 

    1. That is brilliant insight, Cathy! I would agree with you here. Once we realize that we have skills and gifts that could help eliminate the typical 9-5, we work hard to create a foundation for a business of our own!

      Of course it won’t be easy at times, but if we enjoy it and we’re able to exemplify traits we already possess, we know we have the potential to be successful! A positive mindset and attitude will make a big difference! Let’s focus on that!

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