Instabot Review and demonstration

Instabot Review And Demonstration. Is It A Scam Or Can You Get Hundreds Of Free Buyers?

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Instabot is a brand new program released by Billy Darr, Justin Opay and Rudy Rudra. It claims to be the world’s first Instagram traffic Bot and it further claims that “You’re 45 seconds away from getting ANY link in front of hundreds of free buyers.” In this Instabot Review and demonstration we are going to test that theory!

For me one of the key words in this opening statement of the sales page is “BUYERS”. As anyone who has any experience of digital marketing knows, there are 2 types of people who come looking at your products. Firstly there are the “freebie seekers” who come looking to see what they can get for free and have no intention (or very little intention) of ever spending money on anything. Making money from these people is extremely difficult!

The other type of potential customer is the buyers. Now these are definitely the sort of customers you want to get your links and products in front of because they have been proven to get their wallets and credit cards out and make purchases. So a product which promises buyers is definitely on my radar!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Instabot – What It Promises



Price: $47 + upsells

Creators: Billy Darr, Justin Opay and Rudy Rudra

Recommended? NO

If you go to the Instabot sales page you will be greeted with the following potential benefits for investing in this product.

Instabot review

These are all very exciting benefits and I was drawn to read more. After all if you are guaranteed to get results or get paid $250 then it’s a no lose scenario!

The process of using instabot is summarised as:

1: Grab your copy of Instabot before it sells out

2: Login to the web-based software and enter any link

3: Relax as the software gets your link in front of hundreds of free BUYERS in 45 seconds.

Sounds like a very straightforward process which will apparently get you $100+ paydays. Awesome!

As you might have guessed from the name of the software, it is targeting traffic from Instagram which is of course a social media site with over 500 million visitors every day.

This initially was a bit off-putting for me as I didn’t have an Instagram account and I am not particularly keen to take lots of photos of myself every day and uploading them onto social media. However, this next section of the sale page put my mind to rest on this point:

instabot review

I had no intention of becoming an Instagram influencer, posting videos and images. I don’t want to be on camera and I don’t want to have to upload a stack of images to make it work. This is officially promising me that I won’t have to do any of that. Result!

OK – so what can I do with all this traffic? According to the sales page I can use it for:

  • Affiliate products
  • High ticket products
  • Physical products
  • Building a list
  • Sell my own products
  • CPA offers

Excellent – these are all things that any digital marketer wants to promote and get buyer traffic for.

Once you are set up and putting the software to work you simply sit back and enjoy the sales notifications coming into your inbox. You just rinse and repeat with as many links as you want. It only takes 45 seconds to do it too!

What Do You Get If You Buy?

  • Instabot software – Brand New Next-Gen Beginner Friendly Software Gets You BUYERS For FREE In Just 45 Seconds Or Less.
  • “Make Money Today” Video Training. This training teaches you take the free BUYER traffic you’re getting with InstaBot & turn it into cold hard cash.
  • Agency Licence – If you are one of the first few buyers then you get an agency licence to enable you to use Instabot for unlimited clients and charge them up to $997 for a few minutes of work
  • World Class Customer support – always important to know that someone can help you with problems
  • $100 a day genuine case study – a brand new case study which demos how to make $100 a day with InstabotTo summarise the benefits of Instabot:
  • Passive profits
  • 100% free buyers
  • Consistent Income
  • Web based software
  • Beginner friendly
  • An Untapped loophole

The Product is suitable for:

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Product Creators
  • List Builders
  • E-commerce sites
  • Stay at home parents
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Students
  • Retired people.

All in all, the deal looks to be an excellent one on paper so I decided to buy. I was impressed by the promise of buyer traffic and the fact that I didn’t need to spend time uploading photos and videos to make it work.

As you would expect there were a series of upsells throughout the check out process. These ranged in price from about $37 to about $197 and every time you click away you get a reduction in price. Here’s an example of one of the upsells:

instabot review

This one offers to do everything for you for just $197 although if you click away the price comes down!

Instabot – What It Delivers

When you finally get through all the upsells and get your link to access the product you will be taken to a page for the members area which will invite you to create an account.

There are more upsells, a further chance to grab the previous upsells and an attractive looking selection of bonuses for you to access. Many of these require you to enter your email address which makes me suspicious as to why and what I might get sent. (Might be an idea to use a spare email address that you don’t mind getting bombarded with messages)

Once you have your account set up you will get access to your dashboard which allows you to access the message sending facility, the training and the bonuses.

I spent some time going through the training and I was a bit disappointed with what I discovered. First of all the training itself which was allegedly worth $297 is a series of very basic videos which give the impression of being just thrown together.

The system consists of building up a following on Instagram within your niche. There is no training on how to do this other than a slide in a video which tells you to Post regularly, add 2-5 stories per day, comment on at least 10 posts per day and follow 10-25 people per day.

This was the first red flag for me. One of the reasons I invested in the product was because of the promise that there was no need to become an Instagram influencer, posting videos and images. I don’t want to be on camera and I don’t want to have to upload a stack of images to make it work. And here I find I do have to add content daily.

Once you build a following you are essentially using the Instabot software to bulk send messages to these people with links to buy the products you want to sell in them. To me this is just a system for spamming people via Instagram messages.

It is a form of affiliate marketing which is a great business to be involved in. It’s one of the ways we make money in our business but we do it in a way which builds a relationship with our potential customers. We follow a PROVEN SYSTEM which has worked for years.

You could probably make money with the Instabot system of bulk messages but is that how you want to do business?

Problems With Instabot

I came across a number of problems with Instabot where I feel that it fails to deliver what it promises.

The sales page promises that the product is 100% beginner friendly and No Tech skills are required. However, there is no training on how to set up your Instagram account for the system or how to get followers. You are just told to do it.

Once I figured it out I tried to add my new Instagram account to Instabot only to be met with the following MASSIVE PROBLEM.

Apparently you can’t add new Instagram accounts to the software as they have to be 15 days old.

So if you are just starting out you will have to wait over 2 weeks before you can even start using the product. This is an important point which should have been made clear.

Although the training talks about daily following it also discusses how to use some other tools to build your followers list.

This sounds like a great idea and it appears that you can get over 100 followers a day using these tools. However just when you are starting to get excited about the possibility of all these followers being added automatically, you get hit with a disclaimer that by using these methods there is a possibility of your account being limited! Who wants to risk that??

Don’t be fooled by the suggestion that you can get your message or links in front of hundreds of buyers that easily. The truth is that a lot of hard work will be needed to get it all set up.

A couple of other things bothered me too. The sales message focused a lot on the fact that you would be getting your message on front of BUYERS. Having gone through the training I could see no evidence of how you would be getting buyer traffic. Your message will be sent by bulk DM to whoever follows you back. How do you know if they are buyers?

You are also promised a 180-day money back guarantee. This is a standard feature of most digital marketing products however I spotted this statement in the members area when I first considered requesting a refund:

So if your request a refund via PayPal – they will fight it tooth and nail. I don’t know about you but I found that a bit of a disturbing thing to be told. You have to go via their “support desk”.

Anyway, I promised you a quick look around inside the product so here is a short video I recorded to let you see what you get if you decide to invest.

Is Instabot a Scam?

I would definitely not call Instabot a scam. It is a genuine piece of software which would undoubtedly be able to do what it claims which is to send mass amounts of promotional messages to your followers. I also don’t doubt that you could make money by doing this but I just don’t like the thought of trying to make money by mass message.

I think the sales page makes a number of claims which are misleading and in my opinion it fails to deliver much of what it promises.

I outlined some of my issues with the product above and for these reasons I would have to say that I do NOT recommend Instabot to you.

What’s The Alternative?

Heidi and I are often asked what program we recommend to people who want to get started in an online business and we always recommend that you choose one of two proven methods for building an online business.

If you believe that affiliate marketing is the way forward for your business then we have no hesitation in recommending this proven system which will show you how to build an online business and website from the ground up with training and support to help you every step of the way.

This system shows you how to attract FREE organic traffic so that people come to you out of choice rather than because you bombarded them with adverts or spam messages.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


If you are ready to build a business selling your own products then we have laid out the entire process to help you do that in our book “The Digital Marketing Launchpad“. This is our own tried tested and proven method for creating your own digital products to sell and we cover product research, creating products with free tools, selling and taking payments for your products, and getting traffic and customers too. Click the image below to find out more!

Thanks for checking out this review and please leave any comments or questions below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best



10 thoughts on “Instabot Review And Demonstration. Is It A Scam Or Can You Get Hundreds Of Free Buyers?

  1. There’s something familiar about their sales page, I’ve seen products that promise quick results for little work and they all use the same kind of misleading claims. So from your review it basically helps you spam people on Instagram and you won’t realize that’s what it is until you jump through all these hoops of upsells. I’m sick and tired of products like these. Affiliate marketing is definitely legit as I’ve made money from it before, but spamming is not the right way to do it. Your recommendation sounds like a much better alternative, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Son

      Thanks for stopping by and offering your opinion. I totally agree with you – I have never gone through so many upsells and I was so disappointed with the actual product.

      I agree also about affiliate marketing – it’s a proven system and much more ethical than this.


  2. I was very interested in Instabot when I started reading your review, but after reading I think I will have to pass. It is a great idea but it seems like it really won’t do much more than if you spend the time yourself posting on your blog and interacting with people and growing your followers. It really frustrates me when websites basically try and trick you into purchasing their product. 

    1. Hi Travis. Yes I was really looking forward to building my traffic with Instabot and was so disappointed when I found out what it was really like. It was an example of excellent marketing and terrible delivery of what was promised.



  3. Instabot sounded like a scam to me. But you correctly mentioned it’s not. However, the upsells and further instructions weren’t clear to me also.

    I have an Instagram account, but I barely use it. But if I was, I like the concept behind it. Then again, I’m not sure I want to invest in the upsells and follow the guidelines listed. I might have more questions for them than if I had initially bought the program. So I would pass on it as you recommended in this post.

    Based on doing the review, would you recommend it to those who are skilled in Instagram marketing? Or even someone who likes to “hang out” on Instagram daily? I’m curious if it might be helpful to people I know who use Instagram often.

    Thanks for the review on Instabot, it’s good to be aware of this program.

    1. Hi Eric

      Thanks for stopping by. If you already had a large Instagram following and wanted a method for sending a marketing message to them all then this could be something to consider.

      If you are just startingout then this will require a long hard slog of work and then you are relying on bulk messaging to make money. Not my idea of ethical marketing.



  4. David, I always wondered how these schemes work so this was very informative for me. I think what turns me off most about this, is the insincerity of the operation. Providing likes or contacting email addresses with which you have no relationship is not a good way for me to do business. That 15 day wait is also a no no. In this world people who want a service need to be able to sign up and get moving right away or else they will move on. The tedious content supply every day is also not enticing. Thank you for that video showing how it operates. I know exactly where not to go.

    1. Hi JJ

      Yes those were some of the things which disappointed me the most. I couldnt believe that i had to wait 15 days to link my new account to the software. Who has time for that?

      I don’t like it when something is promised in the sales letter but then the reality is completely different



  5. Great and amazing article I must say. It’s so unfortunate that most products such as this are scamming people out of their hard earned money. I’m still taking a clearer view on this product and looking to see how best it works. Thanks for sharing and I hope your suggested system this helps me in getting more buyers. I’m a bit disappointed because Instabot seems so real to me and not fake.

    1. Hi Perryline

      Yes I bought Instabot with high hopes myself and I was really disappointed when I found out what was involved in the product. I hope you find my suggested alternative more to your liking


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