Internet marketing tips for beginners

Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners – 1: How To Turn a $7 Sale Into A $997 sale!

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I’ve been thinking about how we can make the best use of our blog and our YouTube channel and I thought it might be useful to create a series of posts and videos with some internet marketing tips for beginners.

If you are just starting out on building an online business then it can be easy to get confused as to what’s the best way to go about building your business. There is also a lot of really bad advice out there which can set you off down the wrong road and leave you feeling frustrated or even worse it can leave you seriously out-of-pocket.

In this blog and video series I am going to share a series of simple tips that you can use as part of an overall digital marketing strategy which will help you get started down the right road.

Do You Buy Internet Marketing Products?

If you’re anything like me then you will probably have bought a number of internet marketing books, ebooks, videos and training courses.

Now, here’s something most product creators and digital or affiliate marketers never do, which is a shame. And they’re losing a great deal of money because of it.

What happens when you purchase a budget priced product such as a $7 ebook or a $19 video training, and you have a question? More than likely you email the person who sold it, and one of two things occurs. If you are really lucky you might get a reply from their assistant who more than likely will be someone, they have outsourced the task to. The chance of this assistant being knowledgeable about the product or having the answers you need is pretty slim.

The other thing that might happen is that you will simply be completely ignored!

Have you ever experienced this? If you have, then tell us all about it in the comments below. If you have then I’m sure you’ll agree that its totally infuriating.

Why do you think that is? I would say that probably 9 times out of 10, you will never hear from the product creator themself. Do they think that just because it’s a budget product, that they don’t owe their customers the courtesy of a reply.

This is a big mistake. Let me give you an example of why that’s so.

A Budget Product Purchase

A few years ago I spent, I think it was $17 on a product from a UK based internet marketer called Rob Cornish. It was an excellent product and I really liked it but there was one particular point that I didn’t fully understand.

I sent Rob an email to ask about it and I fully expected to get no reply at all. After all it was just a budget product!

Imagine my surprise when I checked my email the next day and I saw a reply to my question. I half expected it to be a generic email from an assistant but no, it was an email from Rob himself. Not only that but it contained a link to a video.

I clicked the link and I was taken to a screencast video where Rob himself demonstrated exactly how to solve the problem I had and gave me some further tips and advice on it too.

How do you think that made me as a customer feel?

Obviously I was delighted that a well-known and successful entrepreneur had taken the time to send me a personal reply. But not only that – my trust in Rob went through the roof and I have become a regular customer of his and spent well over $1000 on his products and coaching.

The lesson we can all learn from Rob is about treating every single one of our customers with care and respect. Many people will visit your business over time and a lot of them won’t spend a penny with you. But some will and some of these could become the best customers in your business – if you treat them right.

Do you know what happens if you respond to questions from your own customers?

First, you know what they’re asking. If you see a trend, such as several people asking the same question, then you’ve just discovered something. It’s either a gap in your product that needs filling, or it’s the opportunity to create a second product that is almost guaranteed to sell.

But that’s not why I’m suggesting you answer your own emails. Something else, almost magical happens when you respond to customer questions…

Your customers are pleased. SO pleased, in fact, that YOU took TIME to answer them, that they will often spend more money with you.

I’ve seen examples from another well-known marketer who has sold a $3,000 coaching course to someone who had a question about a $7 ebook. And it’s not just a one-off. He talks about how this happens time and time again!

This same marketer also talks about how he occasionally tells people that the expensive course is actually not right for them. You might be thinking that’s counter-intuitive. However, what often happens is that the customer is so glad to find an honest marketer that they often buy another product from him instead.

They sometime become a repeat buyer of multiple products. This is the true power of being an honest marketer that looks after your customers.

It all starts by answering emails from customers – even the ones who only buy a budget $7 product.

It also applies in affiliate marketing. If you promote a product as an affiliate then offer to answer any questions from your customers. It’s simply a great way to earn their trust and the next time you promote something they will know that they can trust your recommendation.

And don’t be afraid to jump on Skype or Zoom too. Make it clear up front that you only have 5 minutes. But of course, you can always go longer if you choose to.

Most marketers don’t do this but you can set yourself apart from the others by being one of the good guys that has the best interests of your customers at heart. As you have seen, it can also pay you very well indeed!

Looking after customers is something Heidi and I place great importance on and it has really helped us to grow our business.

We love meeting new entrepreneurs and digital marketers and we have made some amazing friendships and business relationships with people just like you.

I really hope you found this first post on internet marketing tips for beginners useful. Thank you very much for reading this post and watching this video – I really appreciate your time.

Best wishes


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