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Professionalism and Business – When Words Matter Most

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What comes to your mind when you think of the word, ‘professional‘?  Personally, I think of someone whose occupation is related to a profession.  Some professions include, but are not limited to, those who may be experts on certain topics, skills, or trades.  Professionalism is shown in the way a person carries himself.  Character, attitude, conduct, and behavior all come to mind when I think of professional qualities.  As an entrepreneur, do you consider yourself a professional?  You should!  It’s a career path, right?  Let’s dig into the meaning of professionalism and business.


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In the brick and mortar business world, there are ways to show professionalism.  Obviously, employees of all sorts make up the workers for physical companies.  These people work each day among other people.  They physically see and communicate with other people.  No doubt there are several instances each day where ‘business people’ have to think about their professionalism.  The qualities that are highly sought after in brick and mortar businesses are the same qualities you and I should work towards as online entrepreneurs.



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I’ve mentioned a few key qualities, and there’s no doubting the importance of any of them!  We need to carry ourselves as professionals should by walking the walk and not just talking the talk.  If you claim you’re a professional _______ (fill in the blank), are you acting with integrity, honesty, and kindness?  Are you striving for excellence in the way that you communicate with others?

Let’s assume for the moment that you’re classifying yourself as an online entrepreneur of sorts.  Perhaps you’re an affiliate marketer, a digital marketer, online guru… These titles have a few things in common.  There is likely a shortage of face-to-face communication, you don’t meet with anyone physically to discuss the business (unless you count your friends and family), and you’re essentially your own boss.  Making money online does have some similarities, doesn’t it?



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I know you’re maybe working from home in your casual attire (i.e. pajamas) and perhaps you don’t need to speak to people directly via telephone or video chat.  Trust me, I get it.  I’m at home for a reason, too!  (I have noticed the amount of things I get accomplished is much more when I take 5 minutes in the morning and actually throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s important to work professionally – even from home!  I’m not suggesting a suit/tie or a dress!  A simple change out of sleepwear makes a difference!) 

A quick online search a moment ago brought some interesting results.  I was specifically searching for some qualities of professionals in the workforce.  Some of the qualities mentioned were ethics, reliability, appearance, demeanor, phone etiquette, and written correspondence.  I could go on and on about all of these traits, but I only want to focus on one: written correspondence and when words matter most!



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Now let’s talk about a fancy word that you know is important regardless of the type of business:  communication. Let’s get back to your profession as an online entrepreneur.  How are you communicating with your customers, co-workers, business partners, etc.?  I’m willing to guess that 90% of your communication is via writing.  Words.  Simply put, you’re a rock star when it comes to online business, so you’ve got it all under control.  You can formulate a well-written email, create some stellar website content, and even actively participate in social media platforms.  The common denominator?  Written words.  I mean, we are working in an ‘electronic age’!

I’m not pointing fingers.  Oh no!  Simply the opposite, my friend!  I’m just like you in that much of my communication is in the form of writing.  The thing we need to perfect, though, is how we display ourselves in our writing.  Are you presenting a front of professionalism in our business?  Are you building authority and a brand for ourselves?  Only you can answer this.  If the answer is no, you can make an immediate change for the better!

Professionalism and business go hand-in-hand.  If we’re not acting professionally, we’ll eventually see negative results.  However, if we’re communicating in a way that is positive, encouraging, and kind, our business will flourish.  Trust me.  You do want others to respect you and acknowledge you as a professional, right?  Of course, you do!


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Top 10 Tips To Consider In Each Written Correspondence

(These little things will go a long way!) 

1- Always try to use the name of the person you’re contacting.  This personalizes your message and makes the recipient feel valued.

2- Be concise.  There will be times when you’ll need to elaborate, but as a general rule, keep things short and sweet.  You don’t want your readers to check out of your message early.  Keep ’em around until the end!

3- Simplify.  Write short sentences and short paragraphs.  Again, you want to keep your reader interested in all of your words, not just the beginning.

4- Get your reader engaged early on.  From the beginning, choose a ‘hook’ to keep them reading.  Surprise them every so often with little nuggets of information that will keep them wanting more.

5- Do you need to have a degree in English?  No way!  However, you should make sure that you follow the basic rules of writing.  Capitalize and punctuate sentences.  Ensure each sentence makes sense; you need a subject and a verb.  Stay away from fragments.  You might know what you mean, but your reader may be confused.

6- Return inquiries as completely as possible.  Provide a complete response.  For example, if you’re asked 5 questions, be sure to provide an answer to all 5 questions when responding.  This will hopefully eliminate the need for follow-up emails.

7- Proofread your writing always.  Pretend you’re the recipient and seeing the message for the very first time.  Have you made some mistakes?  Fix them prior to pushing the ‘send’ or ‘publish’ button.

8- While proofreading, it’s important to spot potential misunderstandings or misconceptions.  If you’re confused or unclear about something you wrote, just imagine how a stranger would feel reading the same thing.  Make sure to clarify everything upfront.  You don’t want to leave your reader questioning something and send you more emails to clarify.  You can and should attend to this prior to finishing your work.

9- Write in a friendly tone.  If you seem kind and caring in your writing, your reader will pick up on that.  On the flip side, that same reader may interpret your grumpiness if you’re appearing short and bothered by the response you send.  It’s free to be kind.  It’s simply a choice to treat others the way you’d honestly like to be treated.  It can and will be evident in your writing – the kind of mood you’re in.  Be mindful of the fact that your mindset matters as you type your words.

10-  It is very important to keep your emotions in check.  If you’re not having a great day or moment, it’s fine to hold off on responding to an inquiry or writing for any reason.  This ties in with writing in a friendly tone.  If you’re happy and excited, your writing will show it.  If you’re not, well, your reader will also sense your emotions.  You know yourself the best.  Listen to your head.



Final Thoughts  writing tools on a desk

The reason these tips are important is that you want your customers or followers to distinguish you as someone who takes pride in the work you do.  If you’re acting with integrity, this will shine through in your words.  You’ll make your recipient feel important and that you have clearly communicated with them what you want them to know.  Be intentional.  Take pride in everything you do for your business, especially in your written word.  Considering professionalism and your business – could very well be the key to your success.  Don’t ever forget that your words matter.  Happy writing!


Until Next Time!

10 thoughts on “Professionalism and Business – When Words Matter Most

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful article with us .I do a business .And I did a lot of research to improve my business skills .And I think as a professional these sides of my professional qualities include character, attitude, behavior, etc. 

    Personally, I am working at Affiliate Marketing Place and I am a successful Affiliate Marketer .And the key to success is patience, ss well as speaking in a friendly tone. Proofreading always provided me with good feedback, as I wrote short sentences and short paragraphs, etc. 

     I always try to value my customers’ important opinions and try to understand their needs. 

    Lastly, I hope to see more of your tips because I know I will benefit and will share with you their success .

    1. Hi, Shanta!

      Thank you for stopping by, taking the time to read and then comment! I appreciate it! I’m excited to learn that you are building your own online business. Research is definitely something we can do to improve our chances of success! Patience is huge, my friend. I’m happy that you have realized that. Keeping our audience and customers in mind is also something very important. Great insight! Please stop back soon; we’re always adding new content!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. I have been working in digital marketing for two years. In the first place, I used to do a lot of work but I didn’t have that much professionalism. Because of that, I could not move forward with the business. 

    Later I learned about various training and digital marketing, and after gaining a detailed knowledge of professionalism and business, I learned that the key to success is professionalism. Without professionalism, no one can succeed in any work. If I want to succeed then I must have professionalism inside me for that job. 

    Only those who have practiced professionalism in this world have been successful or have succeeded. After reading your article I am more than happy with the suggestions you give and I love these suggestions and I will follow them. I will share your web site with my social media.

    1. Hello and thank you for stopping by!

      I’m happy that you were able to take away some tips on professionalism and use them in your business. It is definitely something, that as you say, makes a business successful. I’m happy that you found a place that taught you great training for digital marketing and running an online business! I wish you much success in the future!


  3. I’ve been working online for several years but one thing I find really hard is the relationship with my customers. It’s hard to keep a healthy customer base when they just don’t stick around and I’m not sure what to do in order to make them stick around. Reading this article really opened my eyes into what I can do to improve this and have happier customers. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Hello, Afonso!

      congratulations on your online business! I’m also very encouraged that you found some helpful nuggets to help you work on the relationships with your current customers. Perhaps when implemented, these tips will help them to stick around for you. Best of luck as you move forward, my friend!


  4. Hello, Your tips are very useful on Professionalism. I really liked each of your each tips. While reading I know that we need to elaborate, but as a general rule, keep things short and sweet. We don’t want our readers to check out of our message early. We must be mindful of the fact that our mindset matters as we type our words. I hope everyone will find something new here.

    1. Hello, Naksh!

      Thank you for visiting! I hope that these tips will instill in you some things that move you forward in your business! It’s so important for us to remember our audience in our writing; you’re right! Wishing you much success in your business!


  5. Hello, 

    Many thanks for the excellent article – I enjoyed it very much.

    I have learned something new from your post about professionalism and business and it has really given me a lot to think about. Professionalism and business are definitely closely related to each other.

    It is important to enjoy the work you do so that it shines through in your communications with customers. This point really stood out for me and is something I will take away from what I have just read.

     Thank you again for the post which I will share with my friends as I know they will benefited from it too.

    1. I completely agree with you about how important it is to enjoy the work we do. If we are truly passionate about it, it will absolutely come through in our communication with others. Isn’t it amazing how others can interpret our words via written communication or in speaking? We need to focus on remaining upbeat and always positive.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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