Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

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Hello, friend!  You’re either here because you’re interested in a great option for web hosting, looking for an answer as to why you might need web hosting, or you are searching for a way to build an online business and want someone to point you in the right direction.  Regardless of your question, know that you’re going to be given some honest input in this post.  Please read on as David and I show you into a deeper look at Wealthy Affiliate web hosting!

For starters, if you’re planning on having an online business (or even a blog), you’ll need a website, right?  Your website will have to be hosted on a website that is dedicated to hosting other sites.  While there are several, including well-known sites such as Hostgator or Siteground, we have had much success with the one we’re currently using to provide our hosting needs: Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s wise to consider a hosting platform for various reasons.  For example, some things you may want to learn more about are the hosting platform’s reliability, loading speed, value for money, or uptime (how much time your site is live online).  We will look at these things and how why we believe that the best platform for you is the Wealthy Affiliate web hosting option.

Chart comparing features of 4 web hosting platforms

Wake-Up Website!Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

At Wealthy Affiliate, your website is always awake!  The hosting option at Wealthy Affiliate provides your website with a ‘mirror’ image of itself.  Therefore, if something were to go wrong, there’s always a backup!  Never will you lose the content you spent so much time producing.  Basically, your website is double-hosted, unlike other hosting sites.  The average uptime for your website/(s) hosted at Wealthy Affiliate is 99.99%.  That’s a phenomenal statistic!


Secure Hosting!Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

According to Wealthy Affiliate’s website, their unmatched platform blocked as many as 27,195,900 hacking attempts last year.  Wealthy Affiliate has several layers of security that protect your websites so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.  Hackers are getting smarter with each passing day.  Why risk it?  Let Wealthy Affiliate take care of your online real estate!


Back It Up! Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

No doubt, whether you’re new to this website building thing or an expert, you’re afraid of making a mistake.  Not just little mistakes that you can fix with the touch of a button.  I’m talking about website-changing mistakes.  The ones that leave you sweating and staring at your screen for things to fix themselves after you’ve clicked on the wrong button.  Been there?  Us, too.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate!  The experts there realize that when we play around with technology, we’re bound to make mistakes!  There’s absolutely no need to worry about making a serious mistake.  Why?  If you ever make a mistake that you cannot undo, Wealthy Affiliate promises to have your website back up and running in a matter of time.  They run back-ups on all of your websites every 24-hours!  How fantastic is that?


24/7 Support!Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Can you imagine working on something and getting stuck at an inconvenient time of the day?  Maybe you’re working well into the evening and it’s beyond ‘working hours’ for most.  You need help but have no one to reach out to for support.  Guess what?  You don’t need to worry about that with Wealthy Affiliate!  You have the option to get in contact with their stellar site support team or ask the community.  Wealthy Affiliate’s website shows most people get a response within 1 minute of asking a question.  Believe it; this place has help available around the clock and around the world!


Bang For Your Buck!Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Certainly, you don’t want to be spending thousands of dollars on a hosting platform.  What you get for your money by becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is like nothing you have seen before!  As a starter member you can try everything out for free and even get a free website to work with. If you upgrade to premium then not only are you allowed to create and host 10 websites within your membership, but you’ll also be invited to join loads of learning classrooms full of wonderful teaching tools and two pieces of training specifically set up to guide you, to begin a solid foundation to build your dreams upon.  It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to move your current websites to Wealthy Affiliate or if you’re looking for an opportunity to build your very first site, this is the place for you!

Do you want to know the best part of Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting package?  You can be absolutely naive to anything related to building a business online and have a niche website up and running in literally seconds!  This is by far the best online business building toolbox we have ever witnessed.  We know that you will not regret looking into Wealthy Affiliate!

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Added PerksWealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate boasts something else for you if you’re interested in learning how to earn some extra cash.  In fact, if you’re at all interested in affiliate marketing, you’re going to want to look further into what Wealthy Affiliate offers you.  They’ve got one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in the world.  Wealthy Affiliate allows you to take part in their affiliate program for free with your membership on the platform!  Once you see for yourself the value hidden within the virtual walls of Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll want to promote its program; it’s too great not to!

Wealthy Affiliate is unlike any other hosting platform found anywhere online.  Every single level of the ‘online entrepreneur’ is represented within Wealthy Affiliate.  You’ll never feel like a total rookie, as so many have been in your shoes and are willing to help.  If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, your insight will be very much appreciated among the community as well!  Build a long-term and phenomenally successful business from scratch!  Sign up for free today!  There is no risk to you; only magnanimous reward!  We fully believe and therefore, endorse Wealthy Affiliate.  We’ll be around to help steer you toward success!  Please join us!

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Until Next Time,
Heidi & David

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting

  1. Great article! Actually, I already use Wealthy Affiliate, but I wanted to just offer a second opinion for your visitors that might be wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is really a good value. The answer, as you’ve already explained, is “Yes!”. Aside from all of the other valuable resources that WA provides (and there are many), I really like their webhosting platform. It provides a user-friendly interface and the integration with WordPress is very handy. I have multiple websites in operation, most of them predating my coming onboard with Wealthy Affiliate. My experience with WA’s webhosting has been positive enough that I’m planning to migrate my other sites over the platform. Great site you have here, by the way. Very informative.

    1. Hi, Randy!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your validation in Wealthy Affiliate as a web hosting platform! I’ve had nothing but great experiences and would recommend it to anyone looking for positive user experience! Your insight is a wonderful addition to this post and it will help others who are stopping by help make an educated and informed decision on their own web hosting platform!

      Best wishes as you move forward, Randy!

      Kind Regards!

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