Are You Making Any (or Many) Of These Common Marketing Mistakes?

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There’s just so much to think about when you are starting out to build an online business and it’s easy to get into bad habits or chase easy wins rather than focus on the important things you need to do to successfully build and grow your business.

I tried to think of some examples of mistakes I’ve made over the years and this list below is just a few that I have come up with. These are some of the ones that you should really try to avoid, especially when you’re just starting out.

Are you making any (or many) of these common marketing mistakes in your business?

1: Prioritising short term results over longer term growth?

2: Relying completely on social media for traffic and exposure?

3: Creating a list of prospects rather than a list of buyers?

4: Focusing only on one aspect of your business rather than overall development?

5: Trying to appeal to everyone rather than targeting your ideal audience?

6: Having just one core client that you rely on for income rather than a diverse customer base?

7: Selling the product you offer rather than you as the seller?

8: Focusing more on getting transactions than building relationships?

These are just some of the things that can lead to stagnation or slow growth in business. Can you think of any other examples to share?


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