How To write a powerful headline

How To Write A Powerful Headline

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Learning how to write a powerful headline is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT part of your site content creation strategy – whether that’s for a blog post, a squeeze page or a sales page.

A good headline can get your visitor immediately engaged with your content and hopefully taking action on your site. Conversely, a poor headline can make them click the back button or close the tab without reading any further.

In this video I will show you one of the tools I use to come up with some great ideas for writing powerful headlines for our content:

I hope you found this video useful. Please leave any questions or comments below and be sure to let us know what headline ideas you have come up with.





4 thoughts on “How To Write A Powerful Headline

  1. This is a really good video and is a must watch especially if your blogging or filling content on a website. The headline is so important especially if you want visitors. I think the title generator used in conjunction with a research tool such as Jaxxy would be a powerful formula for finding the perfect headline that is attractive online. 

    1. Hi Lee

      Yes you are quite right about including a suitable keyword in the title. There’s definitely no point in writing a great title that nobody is actually searching for!

      Jaaxy would be my tool of choice too although I still use the good old google keyword tool too.

      Many thanks


  2. Absolutely agree with your topic, the first thing that the visitors see is your headline, if that doesn’t catch the visitors’ eye, then most likely a very big part of your traffic will just skip it. 

    I tried this title generator and liked it, definetly going to use it in future. 

    Thank you for this useful article!

    1. Hi Victor

      Glad to hear you found the title generator useful. I think it’s a great wee tool just to give you some ideas if the inspiration is a bit lacking one day.



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