Begin a Blog and Make Money For Free!

How To Start A Blog And Make Money For Free!

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Without turning on your television, look around your home, office, or wherever you are at the moment.  I suppose if you’re on Facebook or other social media platforms, that’s fine.  Just stop and think for a moment about a piece of news that you remember hearing recently.

Times are crazy right now, aren’t they?  Without getting into all the details surrounding the world’s stance on religion, politics, or pandemics, can we agree that even on our best days, many of us worry about financial stability for our future?

We’re here today to discuss some options you have at your fingertips.  Chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you have access to some kind of Wifi or internet connection.  This already means that what we’re about to share with you places you in a winning situation!  Let’s chat about how to start a blog AND make money for free!

Begin a Blog and Make Money For Free!

Can You See It?

So it’s not wise to just throw caution into the wind and begin willy-nilly, right?  You’ve got to have some kind of plan.  A vision, if you will.  What do you want to promote?  How do you want to help others?  What do you have to offer that someone else may find beneficial?  Get your pen and paper out and write down some ideas.  What are your passions?  What things interest you?  Which topics could you go on and on about without ever running out of things to say?

Once you have an idea of the direction you’d like to steer your ship, then you’re ready to leave the shore!  Narrow your list and select a niche that’s evergreen.  Do a little research and see what the competition looks like!  Check this out for more ideas!


Web Hosting

You’re going to need a website if you’re planning on creating online biz, right?  So you could spend hours or days scouring the search engines doing some research on best hosting platforms.  OR, you could just take our advice and check out our recommendation for web hosting!  Get your blog online so others can access it!

Why?  Well, we’ve found through our experience that you’re going to want a reliable platform to host your website.  If you find a great host, you’ll never have to worry about losing your work, no one to turn to for technical support, training, or others who don’t care to lend a hand.  Here’s the thing, we’ve tried out a few, and we have a favorite choice!  If you’re interested in learning more, click here!


Design And Write!

If you check out our recommended hosting platform, you’ll be able to create a free website in seconds!  Now that you already have your niche in mind, and a host selected, you’re ready to get your ship moving!  One of the greatest steps in this whole process is choosing a theme that fits your style and personalizing your settings!  Don’t spend too much time here, though, as the most important part is yet to come!

Writing!  Don’t run away!  You don’t need to be a published author to begin a blog!  In fact, the more you write, the better at it you become!  (That’s a fun little fact!)  Read some posts from other bloggers you admire.  What makes you like them?  Why do you keep reading their words?  What about their writing keeps you going back for more?  Be like them!  Don’t copy, of course.  Make it your own!  Soon, you’ll have perfected your very own writing voice and you’re ready to begin your first post!

We know you may be hesitant about your writing skills at this point.  Please don’t.  It’s best sometimes to just begin writing.  See what happens when you begin to put your thoughts into words!  Get them on the screen and just keep at it.  Help your audience.  Explain your topics.  Chat with your reader as if he/she is sitting across the table from you.

Begin a Blog and Make Money For Free!

Promote And Earn!

Many bloggers and writers alike will agree that ‘content is king’.  Simply put, that just means that each blog post you publish on your blog should help you to develop trust and authority.  And it’s not okay (usually) to just have a post or two and call it good.  No way!  You’re going to want to publish content on a regular basis, especially in the beginning!

Once you’re a few posts in, go ahead and begin your efforts to help others.  You can absolutely make money from your blogging!  How?  Our favorite way is via affiliate marketing!  Find some products that fit your niche.  There are thousands of affiliate programs available!  A quick search will pull up many, and if you’re specific enough in your research, you won’t come up empty-handed!  We’ve also put together a guide of some of the top affiliate programs for 2020.  Why not start there?  Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize a blog.

If you’re not into affiliate marketing, that’s ok.  It does allow for endless income opportunities, so just don’t rule it out yet.  You could also look into using Google Adsense.  There is email marketing as well.  If you’re the creative type, you could create and sell your own digital products (books, courses, guides, programs, coaching services, etc.).  Another option would be to get sponsors.  See, you really do have some options.  It is your business, after all!


Think Long-Term!

Your ship is soon sailing with little or no assistance, now!  What a great position that is to be in!  What’s next?  Well, you’re going to want to ensure smooth sailing for the coming distances.

Things to think about next would be ways you are you going to sustain your blog?  Think about marketing your website.  Use social media when and if you’re able!  Find unique ways to get new visitors to your site and keep the ones who have already discovered you!  Are you using appropriate and appealing graphics?  Are you producing new and relevant content on a regular basis?

Begin a Blog and Make Money For Free!

That’s It!

Now that you have all these free tips to start making money for free, what are you waiting for?  Here’s our recommendation again, if you’re interested!  We’ve given you our best steps on how to start a blog and make money for free.  We’re also willing to share more if you have any further questions.  Send us an email or leave us a comment below!  We have so much faith in you; you’ve got this!  Begin your successful online business today – for no money!  You have literally everything to gain!


Until Next Time,
Heidi & David

4 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog And Make Money For Free!

  1. Heidi, this is a great guide for anyone who wants to start making money online in a reliable way with a long-term vision!

    Unfortunately, many fall for the “make money FAST” traps that are spread far and wide on the internet. Sometimes they even work but it could just be a lucky punch – until it dries up completely!

    I think that if someone needs money right NOW, then consider freelancing. Especially if you see yourself as a blogger, you can earn instant money as a freelance article writer. And if you know how to use Photoshop, Illustrator etc, even better!

    But if you want to build something that grows, scales, and can even turn into a full-time online business, then what you’ve written in this guide is the way to go. The most important detail is what you called a “fun little fact”: The more you write, the better you get at it. New (and old) bloggers should pin this phrase next to the monitor haha!

    I hope you are doing well and many cheers, James

    1. Hey, James!

      Freelancing is a fantastic idea! Thank you for that insight! It’s a great option for those looking to earn something sooner than later. On the other hand, as you pointed out, it may be better to think long-term and about sustainability. In that case, it’s best to look for some options that will cater to that way of thinking! We have found that (and more) in Wealthy Affiliate.

      Keep on writing, James! The more you do it, the better you’ll get! 😉

      Thanks so much for your support!

  2. It’s so refreshing to read something authenticate and original. I can’t stand what I see on social media (even I get fired up on there sometimes!).

    But going back to your main points, the time to learn to blog and to monetize it properly is right now. Luckily, it’s easier than it was 15-20 years ago, such as setting a website in less than a half-hour (and the free resources). There are a lot of people who don’t realize the possibilities today. But those who take action are doing something that’ll help them personally and financially in the long-run.

    I love your recommendation, as well. As a member myself, it’s an excellent platform, and both of you have been great role models there. I hope more people take advantage of what you laid out, especially in times such as right now.

    Thank you for sharing, Heidi and David.

    All the best!

    1. Eric!

      You are absolutely right! We are so lucky to be in the position we’re in… learning how to monetize a website. In the times that we’re in, there is a demand for this and we’re thankful we have this opportunity to reach and help others.

      We’re so happy also that you’re a part of Wealthy Affiliate and can validate our recommendation that it’s the best platform for learning about and building an online business.

      Thank you so much for stopping by! We appreciate you!

      ~Heidi & David

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