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Digital Product Creation Hacks Beginner’s Guide

Digital Product Creation Hacks | Beginner’s Guide

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Are you still on the fence about sticking with affiliate marketing or adopting the idea to make money selling your own digital products? Maybe both. Hundreds of new digital solutions get introduced online daily, but only a fraction make it to the top-selling list despite all your selling attempts. You’ll know this if you’re somehow involved in digital marketing. So If you’re hesitating to attempt creating new products, your insecurity is somehow justified, but this shouldn’t be the reason that stops you from engaging in digital product creation because I’ve got some tips in store for you to get started.

If you’re new to online marketing, your safety risk right now is probably selling existing products through affiliate marketing, which is proven legitimate and maybe not an easy way to make money online. Low conversions can push you to the brink of giving up creating content; you set new goals to try something different. Don’t give up yet either. Even if you consider tapping into new projects to diversify your online marketing portfolio, either way, you’ve got a big decision to make.

So, hear why you should add production to your current plan.

Why should you consider creating your own digital products?

For simple reasons, but for this post, let’s consider you’re trying to improve your income streams online. Keep in mind; you don’t grow your finances by spending recklessly. If you want to make money selling online products that you created as part of your plan, That takes us to;

How to lower costs when creating your first digital product

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create your first digital product. Your attempts to make ideal solutions will improve with practice. Start by learning how not to waste money when creating a product; you can be proud of – create a better learning curve.  Let’s zoom-in to the following methods:


Using free tools to create your first digital product

Why not? It is the less followed approach, yet a sensible strategy that helps to reduce production cost. By using free tools, you lose nothing but gain the knowledge and experience of creating your own products. If your first attempt becomes a total flop, guess what, you know you took a calculated risk that you can handle.  It won’t hurt to grasp the concept and master the framework of creating a digital product. It’s right here.

Collaborate to reduce the average total cost of production

You cut expenses in different ways when working with others to create products. Group projects and collaborations are relevant even to date.

For justifiable reasons

  1. If your teammates have complementary skills, you don’t have to spend money outsourcing or acquiring the other talent. It doesn’t mean you should undermine your inclinations. Trust your abilities but don’t ignore the fact that your brain doesn’t always come up with brilliant ideas (mine as well)
  2. Collective ideas add a unique element to products. The X factor that makes unique products sell. You get a fresh perspective, more suggestions, different views, and insights by working with others, which can reduce the wastage of resources when you come up with creative solutions through crowdsourcing. Bear in mind collaborations come in various forms- we won’t dwell on this here.

Should you consider adopting these cost-saving practices when creating a product for the first time? Before you answer Yes, No, or Maybe

Ponder on these simple facts;

  1. Guides are easy to follow; they layout a proven framework with simplified methods to follow that gives us the courage to attempt.
  2. Approaches can be tricky, think of the elements that pose limitations to your unique circumstances and situations. Such tend to present obstacles that can prove difficult to overcome even when you’re following a straightforward method.
  3. Techniques require experience and expertise, which takes time and practice to master.

That’s why, as a first-time product creator, it’s for your benefit to have a mentor or a coach to guide you throughout the whole product creation process—someone who had done it before and succeeded.

No matter how determined or goal-driven, it’s nearly impossible to not think of the uncertainties surrounding success when creating your first product. But, when you have clear goals, the interest coupled with the courage to attempt, even bills to pay, these things don’t become obstacles.

As a first-time product creator, I had my fears before creating my first ebook.  Thankfully David and Heidi made the product creation process a lot easier by putting together this launchpad. David’s one-on-one guidance made the whole process a lot less stressful.


Are you bent on giving product creation a shot? Here are some precious nuggets that can help you get started creating the first product you can be proud of – filter the guesswork out of the process.

Some things to consider before creating your first digital product

It’s your first digital product you are creating; it doesn’t have to be a state-of-the-art masterpiece, as long as you’re making a solution that solves an existing problem- relevance matter.

The end product can be in any digital form that’s appropriate for the intended use by the targeted end-user.

That said,

Don’t always think “ebook or software” when you hear someone say “Digital products”?

It can be a remote service, an image, an online course, a graphic element, a soundtrack…as long as the intended solution is deliverable via the internet.

How do I develop a new product idea?

One thing to note is that customers won’t care that you’ve created a product. That’s your achievement. They only care about their problems. If you’re familiar with digital marketing approaches, then you already know that a problem exists when people are searching for solutions online. This gives you a rival advantage in the product creation contest.

After all, you want to create digital products that sell. The same way you would like to create content that converts. But is creating your product any different from creating unique content that converts?

Let’s be honest. With zero experience in formulating products, saying yes to this question is like accepting guesswork as to the right answer. But If you ask me, since I’ve done it, the answer is not far from this. Yet there’s something different about creating a product that takes your online marketing experience to a whole new level.

It takes proper guidance to learn how to develop a new product idea that’s likely to solve a problem that already exists at a much larger scale; the initial step is similar to coming up with a keyword but with more things to consider in this case. Some brilliant validation steps are inside The digital marketing Launchpad e-book. If you’re already involved in digital marketing, you might think you got this concept, until you get to walk the talk.

To remind you, Even with a powerful keyword research tool that costs you hundreds of dollars, you can still get those writer’s block moments. It makes you rethink your approaches and new ways surrounding your current stumbling blocks when creating content.

The things that make you think “I can’t do this” opens up opportunities for new product ideas.

Methods you can use to come up with product ideas.

Have you ever created a product? If not, then this will help when brainstorming product ideas. There are many ways to come up with your product ideas by the way, but here I’ll stick to the basics. These will come handy when all other fancy tactics have failed. Once you crack the product idea code, follow the methods in the Launchpad to validate your ideas. First timer or not;

Get rid of the irritation.

Consider a solution for something you find irritating in something you love. Who gets comfortable with irritation when in comfort? You’ll then be aggressive in researching and finding proper answers that eliminate the problem.

P.S – If you decide to use this method to come up with product ideas, make sure the solution works with proven results before creating a product.

Which takes us to;

Use your experience; don’t ignore things you already know.

Don’t underestimate your abilities if you’ve never created a product before. By taking advantage of things you already know, you isolate insecurities of trying to develop solutions for problems you don’t know anything about. You don’t want to risk creating products based on a theory which may lead to test results – people wish to practical solutions.

Everyone knows how to solve some problem in a way that some people don’t. This includes things you’re aware of that others may battle to uncover the answer. After all, you don’t gain experience without knowing pitfalls, strategies, and techniques.

Bundle that up if you can, and you’ll be surprised to find product ideas you wouldn’t have considered if you think you know nothing. Grab the Launchpad here and get on with mastering the production framework by creating your first product.

To Your Success 🙂




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