Digital Product Creation Hacks Beginner’s Guide

Digital Product Creation Hacks | Beginner’s Guide

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First time creating a digital product? Using free tools never feels like you’re serious. But taking a plunge with premium resources is just another gamble with your hard-earned money. Therefore, I’ve laid down some hacks you can adopt to bridge the gap when creating your first digital product, even if you have no clue how to go about this process.




When should you consider creating your digital product?


Selling digital products you created is one of the best ways to make money online these days. In addition, it adds to your credibility in the digital space. However, this isn’t a solid enough reason to start making products. But if you constantly bounce ideas along these lines in this case, then you’re on to a good



  1. Are you thinking of automating a complex or time-consuming task?


  1. How about breaking down a complicated subject in bite-sized for easier understanding?


  1. Do you want to bring to life a secret formula you know has not been found in existing products but will give your new solution that extra edge?


  1. Are you developing a solution in a new style or format perfect for your target audience?


  1. Have you thought about introducing a cutting edge way of doing something from a groundbreaking discovery?


With this in mind, it’s crucial to consider how your product may add value to your target audience.


That takes us to;


Is using free tools to create your first digital product worth it?


When making your first digital product, you needn’t spend a fortune. Often ideas die when you realise the problem you thought your target audience had; it is not much of a big deal to them as you had imagined.



Let’s look at how you can use free tools to validate your first product ideas.


  1. Use free tools to introduce/ show off your core product

Suppose you have this mind-blowing solution to a common problem; you could start by creating a free version product using free tools and distributing it. That helps you set your foot in the door of the market, get people’s views on areas of concern and be able to roll out the improved and developed core product.


  1. Use free tools to learn how to create a digital product

Suppose you feel that creating a digital product is a complicated process, first-timer. In that case, you may not want to take chances with your hard-earned money on expensive tools. Therefore, you can start

by learning how to create a digital product using free tools. Head over here and have a go at mastering the framework

Ways to confidently begin creating a digital product


The thought of creating digital products can be unsettling. Precisely when you’re doing this for the first time. Here’s how you can begin with fewer worries




Collaborating works in your interests when creating your product for the first time. Here’s why;


  • Team up with colleagues who have complementary skills. You can create a great product without spending

fortunes acquiring the other talent– hit the ground running from the start.


  • Crowdsourcing adds a unique element to products. Think of fresh perspectives or multiple opinions, identify blind spots in thoughts, and develop creative solutions that give your product the X factor. That allows you to have a more enjoyable learning experience from the start.


However, if for some reason you can’t collaborate when making a product for the first time, then you can;


Get a mentor


As a first-time product creator, I had my fears before creating my first book. Thankfully David and Heidi made the product creation process more manageable by putting together this Launchpad. In addition, David’s one-on-one guidance made the entire experience a lot less stressful.

Here are the takeaways you might find helpful:

  • Guides are easy to follow, but, in this case, if you want to speed up the learning process, find someone who has already created a product before. The thing about mentors is that they’re familiar with common mistakes that beginners make. And you don’t have to learn this the hard way; good mentors help you overcome stumbling blocks with ease.


  • Approaches can be tricky. When creating a product, you can follow various methods (a route that worked for someone may not work for you). Still, your time is limited and valuable – and you can’t risk investing in the wrong vertical.
  • With a mentor, you get a support system that enables you to bounce off your ideas. Even better if you get experienced advice from your role model. At least that way, you can quickly develop creative ways that align with what you aspire to achieve.


  • Techniques require experience and expertise, which takes time and practice to master. The mentor is to give advice

and share his knowledge. All this is important to unleash your potential rather than limit it.


That’s why, as a first-time product creator, it’s beneficial to have a mentor or a coach to help you filter the guesswork out of the process. Want to create a product you can be proud of from the start?




Some things to consider before creating your first digital product


If it’s your first time creating a product, it doesn’t have to be a state-of-the-art masterpiece; as long as you practice as you learn – you’re bound to make errors.


So, in this case, the end product can be in any

digital form that’s perfect for your target end-user.

Don’t always think “ebook or software” when you hear someone say “Digital products”?


It can be a remote service, an image, an online course, a graphic element, or a soundtrack…as long as you can digitally deliver the product.

How do I create a digital product?

Whether you’ve just got motivated to create digital products or the thought came months ago, the process remains the same, and this Launchpad does come in handy.

Note that customers don’t go head over heels because you’ve created a product. That’s your achievement. They care about their benefit from using the product. If you’re familiar with digital marketing methods, this gives you a rival advantage in the product creation contest.


For instance, you would create web content that converts similarly to designing a unique product that sells like hotcakes.

Yet there’s something different about creating a product that takes your online marketing experience to a whole new level.


The initial step is similar to coming up with a keyword but with more

things to consider in this case. Some brilliant idea validation steps you can find here. If you’re already involved in digital marketing, you might think you got this concept, but wait until you get to walk the talk.


It doesn’t matter how robust your keyword research tool is; until you think outside the box, you can still have those moments of writer’s block, right?

How did I come up with a product idea?

So there I was, daydreaming about becoming rich and going on vacations one day – creating products was the last thing in my mind. UntilI started out doing what most aspiring entrepreneurs do. Surfing the net for easier ways to make

money online (most of which leads nowhere without a mentor or proper training)

Years later, with new goals,

As usual, I went through my backlog of unread emails and came across one that got my extra attention. It came from The digital marketing Launchpad. We exchanged a few emails, and I found a great mentor, David, the owner of this website. He’s insightful, focused, patient and dishes out information in bite sizes. Long story short, there are many ways to come up

with your product ideas which you can find in the Launchpad here. However, I’ll stick to the basics for this article as a kick start.



Get rid of the irritation.


Consider creating a solution for something you find bothersome or frustrating in something you love. Things that cause frustrations and irritations make great triggers of product ideas.


P.S – If you decide to follow this approach to develop product ideas, don’t forget to size the market and validate your idea before creating a product.


Next up;

Bargain from your experience


If you’ve never created a product before, you could get bogged down quickly when you can’t think of any brilliant ideas. Craft a solution for problems you’ve once encountered. Here you’ll avoid making products for wrong reasons – people wish for practical solutions.

You probably know answers to some problems that others may battle to resolve. After all, one doesn’t age without knowing pitfalls, strategies, and techniques for something.

Bundle that up if you can, and you’ll be surprised to find product ideas you wouldn’t have considered. So grab the Launchpad here for guidelines and get on with mastering the product creation framework for your first product.

To Your Success

To Your Success 🙂




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