Internet Marketing For The Beginner

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Internet Marketing For The Beginner?

I’m glad you asked! It is possible and we’re going to show you how! Internet marketing is really gaining footing in today’s online world.

The term ‘internet marketing’ refers to ways to promote products online and through various digital avenues. Digital marketers utilize the use of email, websites, online sales pages, and more! It would be unnatural for one to not be scared to dive into a business developed around internet marketing. However, stay tuned and I’ll discuss some tips and tricks for internet marketing for the beginner – such as how and where to even begin. And if you’re not a beginner, that’s great, too! Perhaps you could pick up a couple ideas as well!

About Me

Before diving into some tips for internet marketing for the beginner, let me give you a little history about me and how I ended up here.

My name is Heidi. I’m from the Midwest USA and have recently moved to a small town in the western mountains. My small family of four lives in a tiny town that has held my heart since I visited it at the age of 12. I was a teacher for 12 years and recently took the opportunity to home school our littles, ages four and eight. It’s been a great change for me, but I was looking for ways to earn some additional income for our family’s needs and wants. After all, we’re making mountain memories!

A Lengthy Search

A search began to find a side gig that I could manage from home, in between the lessons for our kiddos. I began looking at multiple things online.

You can Google just about anything these days! I found some ways to earn a little money, but at the end of the day, all I had done was work and it felt like I couldn’t continue to earn pennies for the hard work I put into the small jobs. I was about ready to end my search when I literally stumbled upon a blog post that made me think about affiliate marketing for the first time in my life.

Not For Me!

Create a business? Become an entrepreneur? Never! I didn’t have the background in that sort of thing. How could I ever begin a business of my own? Wouldn’t I need a website? How would I do that? The blog post I landed on gave me reason to believe that I could do those things – and more. Wait. What? Learn how to make money as I sleep? That was it! Sign me up! The best part? It was free to join! I joined and learned very quickly that while I was new to the whole idea of making money online, I didn’t have to be an expert!

Could It Be?

One month into my journey, I had established two websites, produced enough content in each, and was well on my way to learning what it took to become an affiliate marketer.

I’d been indexed by search engines and my content was slowly beginning to see traffic. Because I’m a money saver, I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to pay money for ads or traffic, and that I would work hard to gain organic traffic. My adventure doesn’t stop there.


In the program I became a part of, I was introduced to an entire community of people who were after the same thing as me – financial freedom. In learning to be financially free, I noticed that there are more ways to make money online than being an affiliate for affiliate companies (earning commissions via promoting the products of others). That’s when I stumbled upon the next secret to my success – a business partner! Why settle for only one stream of income when there are so many other possibilities out there?

Friends Across Oceans

I met so many wonderful people and have networked with thousands in a matter of a few short months. I have friends from all over the world, reaching from the US and Canada, to London, Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Africa, Singapore, and so many other wonderful places! Among my friends is my new business partner, Dave. He’s from Northern Ireland and one day, asked if I’d peek at something he was creating. Of course, I agreed to, as editing and writing are some of my favorite things. One thing led to another and BOOM – we decided to write an eBook, in an attempt to help others find their place in the internet marketing scene! In fact, our book focuses on internet marketing for the beginner.

Luck Or Fate?

As luck would have it, I found a place to explore a new opportunity, and I love the fun new adventure I’m on! Affiliate marketing is something I’d never thought about. I had, however, considered blogging in the past, but never really followed through with my plans. This time around, I’m making it work, as I’ve learned just how to build a solid foundation for my own websites. This partnership has opened another new adventure and I’m exploring all there is to learn about digital marketing. Since I was a beginner not long ago and have been down this path, I (with the help of Dave) would like to encourage those of you who are interested begin your own path to financial freedom by way of internet marketing. It can be done! That’s why we’ve created our eBook – to offer tips on internet marketing for the beginner.

Helping You

Dave and I created this website in hopes of ultimately helping our readers learn how to become successful via digital marketing. The truth is, we were both once beginners ourselves and we’re willing to share our tips and tricks with you. We’ll even discuss some of our mistakes in hopes that you can avoid them yourself. We want you to be successful. We realize that you may be apprehensive or skeptical at first, but we’re here to help you along the way!

Do You Need To Know Everything?

Now, let’s just quickly discuss a little more about internet marketing. As I’ve discussed, you don’t need to know it all. In fact, I’m still learning things myself. The world of technology is growing so rapidly, we need to learn more about it all the time. Again, that’s why we are here: to help you become a successful internet marketer – from beginning to making some money!

Online Marketing Categories

A quick Google search will tell you the top seven categories of online marketing. I won’t get into all of these in this post, but in due time, we’ll be writing more about each of the topics in greater detail. We have learned things about SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, social media, search engine, content, email, and affiliate marketing. Learning about these seven categories has helped us immensely. In the coming days, please watch for more information on them!

Create, Market, Sell!

In the eBook Dave and I wrote, “The Digital Marketing Launchpad”, we discuss in detail how anyone can go from essentially being an online rookie to someone who can create, market, and sell a digital product. The best part about our book? It offers several ways to accomplish these tasks for free, without spending a penny! It’s no joke! We did it ourselves – we created our eBook for free!


At the end of the day, we realize that anyone can be successful making money online, and that yes, internet marketing for the beginner can be a realistic goal with invaluable outcomes and opportunities. We want to help those of you who are willing to put in the work necessary to begin your own business. Let’s be very clear about one important fact – money doesn’t grow on trees, nor will you get rich overnight. This is a process and we’re looking forward to guiding you to your own success! Are you ready to begin?

Final Thoughts

If you’ve read all the way to here, congratulations! That shows me that you are wanting this for yourself. That also tells me that you’re a great candidate for what lies ahead! Firstly, I’d encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate. You can join for free and stay on a free plan for as long as you like. There, you’ll learn the foundational steps necessary to build your own website. The training is phenomenal, and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about wanting to build a great online business. Secondly, consider checking out our new book, “The Digital Marketing Launchpad”. If you’re already established with a website and have something you’re thinking about creating and wanting to sell, it’s a great option for you. In it, Dave and I walk you through each step to getting your product created, advertised, and sold, giving you yet another way to earn some money.

We are extremely motivated in helping you become successful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We have faith in our process and trust that you’ll have faith in us!

Until Next Time,


12 thoughts on “Internet Marketing For The Beginner

  1. Wow you are living quite the little adventure out there! I wish I could pack up and move to the mountains but I just don’t know that I could stand to be cut off from a lot of things going on in cities. Maybe if the commute from mountain house to town wasn’t too bad? That’s cool that you hit the ground running with your first two sites. Too bad all newbies didn’t do that and there would be less people giving up without really giving it much of a try. What would you say was your biggest obstacle to hurdle when you started your affiliate sites? Thanks!

    1. Hi Riverdogg. Thanks very much for your interest. For me the biggest hurdle I had to overcome was learning so many new skills. It sometimes felt very overwhelming but I am grateful to have found so many good friends to help me. This was one of the things that motivated me to write our book – so that we could help other new marketers and guide them down the right path.

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Great information, its really good to hear your story of starting out as a complete beginner and hearing how with a combination of research and maybe a touch of fate/luck you found so many ways of launching your digital marketing project.

    Thank you for the push in the right direction.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Mike. Thank you for your kind comment. A combination of hard work and a little bit of good luck can certainly take you a long way in this business.

      I’m glad we were able to give you that push in the right direction!

  3. Thanks a lot for such an amazing article. You really got me. 

    I’m a beginner in this affiliate marketing industry, if i can say that. Recently i joined to this platform Wealthy Affiliate and i discovered a lot of new things. I created one website and every day i put new content here which can help me to earn some money. I want to say that until now i have gained just experience and new knowledge  but i will keep working on it with ambition and determination.

    This month i did a financial sacrifice and i became a yearly premium member. This made me to work harder and harder to achieve my goals. I can’t wait too see that day when i will sell some products with my affiliate website and to fell that pleasure of success.

    Best wishes and hope to see more post like this. 

    1. Congratulations on making a great investment in yourself by becoming a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a member too and I have to say it has been one of the best learning experiences of my life! I have learned so many new skills and met a lot of people who have given me so much help and advice.

      I wish you lots of luck and great success with building your business.

  4. Hi Heidi

    Your article of “internet marketing for beginners” is superb. I’m a beginner of the wealthy affiliate program and joined up just 2 weeks ago .Your article made a very good  impression on me about  internet marketing and your history give me a greater confidence that I can achieve things too. I will definitely share with my friends .and keep creating more articles for the beginner use.


    1. Hi Yoge.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences. I’m glad to hear you have joined the Wealthy Affiliate site as you really can’t find a better place to learn the process of creating your own online business – apart from reading our book of course! LOL

      We wish you lots of success with your business.

  5. I have added The Digital Marketing Launchpad to my browsers toolbar, that way I have access to everything it has to offer while I am working. As we start our online journey it is very easy to get swept up in all the offers of ‘Must have’s’ Before you know it, you have a pile of debt and you haven’t even started earning any income.

    Time is also a premium and I would rather be spending time creating and working on my websites than trawling the internet looking for utilities that might or might not be any good. The amount of time you will save is tangible if you have this resource on hand. It is also an invaluable guide for those times when you might feel as though you have lost you way and need steering back on course.

    Everything you need in one place, at a price that is less than what plenty of the high-end software will cost you, for a month.  

    1. Hi Twack

      Thanks so much for stopping by and we are so happy to hear that you are getting such good use from The Digital Marketing Launchpad. That was the main reason we created the book – to have a list of all the resources you could ever need close at hand without having to get your credit card out to make use of them.

      It’s great to hear that it’s saving you time too and giving you a little steer too. 

      Thanks for all your help and support 


  6. What an inspiring article! So it is really true to get to start from below zero? Which is where I actually am. You give me hope. Especially because I too have been a teacher for a long time and understand where you are coming from.
    So if I get this right, I can join this Wealthy Affiliating for free and get good training for beginners? And then I can ask you for help on how to create and sell my own products?
    This sounds too good to be true! The internet world truely is a gold mine.
    Thank you very much for your time and effort to break it all down to complete newbies like me.

    1. Hello, Joana!

      Thank you for stopping by! In fact, you are right and it is not too good to be true! You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and yes, both David and I would love to help you if you have any questions along the way! We just have a passion to see others succeed, so we are readily available. I’m so happy you found some encouragement today! Best of luck on your journey!

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