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Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners: 2 How to stand out In Your Business

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Welcome to the second in our series of articles and videos with some internet marketing tips for beginners. Now in this particular article I want to look at the concept of how to stand out in your business. You see to be successful you need to set up your business in a profitable niche. However, the fact that a niche is profitable means that lots of other people are going to be trying to make it in that niche too.

As a new internet marketer that can make it very difficult for you to get your message seen or heard in among the crowd. That’s why you need to know how to stand out in your business and make your product or service memorable and stand out in your customers mind when it comes time to buy.

OK, so having a great product or service is important but there are lots of other great products and services out there too so you need to make your particular product or service memorable in some way.

So the first thing you are probably wondering is:

“What makes something memorable?”

There are two things in particular that you need to have in place to make it memorable.

  • Something that is intellectually stimulating or challenging
  • Something which generates a strong emotion

You also need both these things together – it’s not enough to have one without the other.

Let’s think about a couple of real-world examples just to illustrate this concept a bit better.

Think about the first time you ever took a ride on a roller-coaster at a big theme park.

As you were in the queue or line to ride the roller coaster you could probably see that it looked essentially like a railroad track – something you have probably seen many times before. However, you sort of know instinctively that this is no ordinary railroad track so it’s providing you with an intellectual stimulus.

When you actually board the car of the roller coaster and you are on that initial climb up to the top of the track; well I think it’s fair to say that you have a few strong emotions going through you, ranging probably somewhere between excitement and terror!

This is what makes it a memorable experience for you (unlike any regular railway journey)

Another example might be the first time you experienced a bereavement of someone close to you. The intellectual stimulus comes from the realization that someone close to you has been taken from your life.

It goes without saying that there are strong emotions attached to this event too and so it is something you remember for many years afterward

By contrast, think about some of the text books that you might have read while you were at school. Now the content of these books might have been intellectually stimulating or challenging but it’s probably fair to say that they didn’t create any strong emotional reaction for you.

I can’t say I have any fond memories of any textbooks – can you?

Can you see why it’s important to get both intellectual and emotional stimuli in place with your products and services? Having them in place, at the same time, will make the difference between whether something is memorable or not memorable


I was talking with a friend of mine recently and we were discussing our favorite films of all time. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of films in your time but what makes a film stand out for you and be memorable.

When you think about it, it’s almost certainly these same two concepts of intellectual challenge and emotional stimulus.

Think about one of the most popular movies of all time – Titanic. (Quick fun fact – the Titanic was built just up the road from me in the shipyard in Belfast!

Now Titanic is essentially a love story and in most other love stories there is a happy ending with the couple involved getting married and living happily ever after. However, in Titanic there is the intellectual challenge that the hero and heroine would not wind up together as the ship sank.

There is plenty of emotional stimulus too as the tragedy of the sinking ship unfolds on our screen.

This winning combination again is what makes the movie so memorable for so many people.

Let’s see how we could apply this concept to our own world of internet marketing.

To illustrate it, let’s take a look at 3 imaginary products in 3 popular niches – weight loss, make money online, and dating.

Weight loss

Let’s start by looking at weight loss. Now everybody knows that if you want to lose weight then you need to eat less food and do more exercise. However, nobody is going to pay you for that advice!

Amazingly people still try to create products that tell people to do just that and then wonder why their sales are almost zero.

If all the other weight loss gurus are talking about eating a diet of salad leaves and fish while working out for 2 hours every day then you can stand out in this crowd by talking about your system for losing weight by exercising for just 10 minutes every day and still being able to eat the foods they love.

This is an intellectual stimulus because it’s not what they expect to be told.

There are plenty of emotions you can target in your product and marketing too.

  • Fear of an early death due to obesity related health issues
  • Fear of missing out – perhaps small things like not being able to enjoy a beach holiday, or big things like never seeing their grandchildren grow up.
  • Pleasure in achieving a weight-loss goal that eludes many others
  • The approving or even envious looks from others when they achieve their toned new physique

Combine some of these intellectual challenges with emotional stimuli and you could definitely have a memorable product or service in this niche.

Make money online

Have you ever seen those adverts from the make money online gurus where they pose outside their huge houses and beside their flashy sports car. It’s one thing for someone who’s actually made it to do this but I’ve also seen members of the “fake it till you make it” brigade do this too.

OK this does create an emotion – but for me anyway it makes me want to close the page and run away!

Instead of trying to cultivate this flashy image, how about you focus on the good that you can do when you have become successful in this niche. Instead of talking about all the stuff you can buy with the profits from your product, how about you focus on the amazing good that you could do with it instead.

Imagine instead painting a picture of a “hero character” who used your product to support their local hospital or animal shelter. Instead of painting people who make money as rich and selfish, you can show them as amazing people who used their success to help others and became viewed as a hero by their friends and community.

Tear down all the usual advice that people get when they are looking for ways to make money online, because frankly it’s all outdated anyway. Let them know that the people who are REALLY rich don’t do most of the things that they tell the average person like me or you to do, and you’re going to show them what they really do instead. Be contrary and then back it with facts


Most products on dating focus on what you need to do and change about yourself to make you attractive to any potential partner. So how can we do something different and memorable

There are a few emotional buttons you can press here:

  • Fear of being alone – most people will say that they want to spend their lives with a significant other.
  • Joy of finding true love – this is the opposite end of that spectrum. So you have two really contrasting emotions to play with here.

How can we add in an intellectual challenge here? We mentioned a moment ago that most dating products talk about changing your appearance in some way

What if a change in mindset made all the difference? No, they don’t need lots of money, a cool car, fancy clothes and so on. They simply need to change their mindset so that the way they are RIGHT NOW will attract dates.

When everyone else is telling them to be different, change their appearance, act differently and so forth, and you’re just saying no, all you need to do is change how you THINK… that seems pretty intellectually challenging to me and I would want to know more.

How To Stand Out In Your Business – Be Memorable!

I hope these three examples we’ve just looked at have given you some food for thought. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in because the same principles will apply.

Be memorable. Make your products memorable. Stand apart from the crowd and create your own path and even your own niche.

If you’d like to learn more about creating your own memorable products then be sure to check out our book on the subject: “The Digital Marketing Launchpad”

After all, if you’re the only one in the niche you’ve created, you will not only be memorable, but you will have zero competition, too.

Good Luck!

David and Heidi


10 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners: 2 How to stand out In Your Business

  1. David, Thank you for these internet marketing tips for beginners. This post has helped me to go back to the basics on internet marketing. I do consider myself a beginner still and I will take this advice going forward. I feel like my posts have been rather boring and not memorable as of lately so this is a big help for me. 

    1. Hi Russ

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad to hear you got some useful ideas from the article. It’s definitely really important to find some ways to set yourself apart from others in your niche and make your content memorable for a reader.



  2. Hello there! This is a great piece of advice you got here. Your digital marketing launchpad book is an online manual that teaches us to create,market and sell our digital product and at no cost throughout the entire process. After going through this PDF from start to finish I was seriously impressed. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or have struggles for years – the advice here applies to everyone.

    Thank for sharing this with me

    1. Hi and thanks for taking the time to check out this article. I’m glad to hear that you’ve invested in our book and even more pleased to hear that you found it useful too. I look forward to seeing some of the memorable digital products you can create with our help



  3. Hello there! Thanks a lot for this article. As a beginner in internet marketing, this is the article for me. You’ve successfully given us tips on how to improve your brand and also how to stand out in our business.I’d make sure I follow these steps and if I have difficulties I’d make sure I come back with questions. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Philebur

      Thanks for stopping by and i’m glad you found it helpful.

      Feel free to ask questions any time – we are always happy to help!


  4. Hey nice article you have there. Your general thought about marketing tips for beginners is quite impressive and invaluable. I totally agree with you on your point of making a product or services memorable. When a customer thinks back about your product or services and smile, it means that you have beat their expectations which will eventually leads to another patronage and recommendations to love ones. Making your product/services memorable is an essential tool in the business world.

    1. Hi there and thanks for stopping by to read our article.

      I like your point about a customer thinking back about your product or services with a smile. That definitely encapsulates what I am saying here. Being memorable will definitely keep people coming back for more.



  5. Hi Dave, thank you for sharing this piece of inspiration. Definitely, a useful tool you give us here to utilise writing articles to’move’ and ‘reach’ people.
    When I realise articles like this, it always make me realise how important it is to feed yourself readily with food for the thoughts. Thanks a lot for this marketing lesson, I will take away the 2 ‘ingredients: to implement in my next article to improve my end product.
    Best wishes Jude

    1. Hi Jude
      Thanks very much for checking out our article and leaving such a great comment.
      I’m glad to hear you found it useful and I’d love to hear how you get on with creating your next piece of content!
      Best wishes

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