Starting An Online Affiliate Marketing Business

Starting An Online Affiliate Marketing Business

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If there was one thing I could have done much earlier in life which would have helped me reach my goal of being financially independent, it would have been starting an online affiliate marketing business. You see, there really is no better way to get started on creating your own online business than to get involved in affiliate marketing.

In this article I am going to be talking about how YOU can create your own profitable affiliate marketing business, starting today, completely for FREE!

I am going to talk about the three essential components of an affiliate marketing business and show you how to put these things together in such a way to ensure that your business is successful in the longer term.

Also, please do read all the way to the end of the article because I am going to tell you about what I believe is the best possible method for starting an online affiliate marketing business as well as a couple of very special bonuses we have for you as well!


How Do I Make Money Online?

So the question that everybody wants to know the answer to is – how do I make money online?

One of the first places many people go to, to find out is Google. Now if you were to ask Google how to make money online then at the time of recording this video you would get a grand total of 5.7 billion results. Yes that’s billion – not million.

Good luck finding the answer in amongst all that!

However, if you were to sift through some of the more popular results you would find things like

  • Completing online surveys for cash
  • Trading systems for trading things like stocks and shares or currencies, which is sometimes referred to as forex trading
  • Gambling is another big area in the world of making money online
  • And there are also a number of services you might be able to provide to earn money such as proofreading, writing, or graphic design

There is definitely merit in all of these ideas but they are not something that we would advise you to get involved with.

Here’s the bottom line. To make money online you need to be able to sell something of value.

The word value is one of the key points in that sentence and we will talk more about that later.

There are 2 main ways in which you can go about selling something of value.

  • First of all you can sell your own products. This means you will need to spend time on research and product creation as well as setting up a system to sell the products. It requires some work but is an excellent way to make money online. This makes you a product creator.
  • The other way you can sell something of value is to sell other people’s products and receive a payment known as a commission from the product owner every time you make a sale. This makes you an affiliate marketer.

In this article we are only going to talk about making money as an affiliate marketer so let’s start by looking at the overall process of making money with affiliate marketing.

The 3 Components Of A Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

There are 3 things you need to create a profitable affiliate marketing business. These are:

  • A quality product to sell
  • A website
  • Targeted customers

You then need to put these things together in the correct order

Let’s start with the first thing you need which is targeted customers. The important part of this expression is the word targeted.

There are millions of people trawling around the internet at all times of the day and the vast majority of them have absolutely zero interest in you or what you are trying to sell. It’s nothing personal – it’s just the way it is!

However, there is a small percentage of these people who MIGHT be interested in what you have to say and what you might want to sell to them.

Let’s say you have chosen weight loss as the niche for your business then finding people who are searching for weight loss information will be what you need to do to find customers for your business. These will be your targeted customers.

Next you need to send these targeted customers to your website. This is where you will build a relationship with your targeted customers so that they get to know, like and trust you. Building this good relationship is a key part of the process as people are more likely to take buying advice from someone that they trust.

Once the targeted customers trust you, you can then move on to the third part of the process which is to introduce them to a quality product that you recommend. This product should be something that solves a problem you’ve identified that your customer needs a solution to. Solving problems is what creates that essential quality of value that we mentioned earlier.

This is where you make the money because if the customers buy the product then you get paid a commission by the product owner.

If you do this right then it’s a win-win-win situation.

The customer gets a product which solves a problem – win

The product owner earns money by selling their product to your customer – win

And you earn money from a sale of a product you didn’t have to create –win

Can you see how this is just about the perfect way to make money online. Everybody wins!

There is one final way to make money with affiliate marketing and that’s if you send targeted customers directly to a quality product. This is a potentially quicker way to earn money but its also much harder because the customer has no reason to trust a recommendation from someone they have to relationship with.

It also requires a very large budget to pay for ads etc as that’s just about the only way to send customers direct to a product.


Could You Do This?

So hopefully you are starting to see that affiliate marketing is a good way for you to create your own profitable online business. You can see that it’s a great idea, but perhaps there are a few questions already forming in your mind.

Things like:

  • Where do I actually go to find these targeted customers?
  • How on earth do I build a website? That’s gotta be really difficult with all that coding stuff. I’m not really very technical minded.
  • Or, where do I find quality products to promote? There is just so much rubbish out there! How do I know if it’s real or a scam?

These are all great questions and it’s important that you know the answers to all of these.

For me to answer these questions in this article would take me several hours and I don’t think you want to hang about reading it for that long.

Instead, I want to tell you about a place where you can find the answers to all of these questions and get started on creating a profitable affiliate marketing business without spending a penny.

The website is called Wealthy affiliate and it is the worlds biggest training site and resource for anyone who wants to learn the secrets of how to create their own profitable affiliate marketing business.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate today completely for free just by clicking on the banner image above. I’ll show you what happens when you sign up in just a moment.

Once you sign up as a starter member you get the very first thing you need for creating your business, which is a website. You get one completely for free as a starter member but if you decide to upgrade to premium membership then you get 10 sites included with your membership, all hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s industry-leading hosting servers!

As a starter member you also get a completely free training course which will walk you through everything from setting up your brand new website, to getting targeted customers and finding quality products.

Premium members get a much more comprehensive training package as well as regular live training from Jay, the in-house affiliate marketing expert at Wealthy affiliate

The other things which make Wealthy Affiliate the best place anywhere online for affiliate marketers is the incredible support from their in-house team of experts and the community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all working hard to set up their own profitable affiliate marketing business and enjoy nothing more than helping their fellow members to do the same.

So join us today by clicking any of the Banner Images on this page and not only will you join the greatest affiliate marketing platform anywhere online, but we will also give you a couple of exclusive bonuses too.

Join Wealthy Affiliate

First of all you will be allocated either me or Heidi as your official mentor at Wealthy Affiliate. Everybody gets a mentor and its usually the person who refers them to the site. However, Heidi and I will both be there to help you with anything you need. The best thing about this is, with Heid and I in different continents and different time zones (me in Europe and Heidi in north America) there will almost always be one of us available to help you at any time if you need it.

Secondly, you will get an exclusive affiliate commission rate of 75% on all our products. You see we are affiliate marketers just like you, but we also create and sell our own digital products too.

So click that banner now and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this

OK, so this is the Wealthy Affiliate sign up page. As you can see there is a short welcome message from me.

When you click the banner you have a 50-50 chance of getting either me or Heidi as your official Wealthy Affiliate mentor so you might well see Heidi here rather than me. Either way, we will both be available to help you so it makes no difference to you.

All you need to do is enter your email address in the box here and hit “get started”. You will then be asked to choose a username and password.

Once you have done that you will be officially signed up as a starter member.

We suggest you take some time to fill out your profile – add a photo of yourself and a description too. Take some time to explore the site and get stuck in to the training.

When you join, Heidi and I will be notified and we will make contact to see how you are getting on and point you in the right direction.

That’s all there is to it.

Just click that banner below this article to get started. This really is the best system anywhere online for starting an online affiliate marketing business and you can get started right now without paying a penny.

Thanks for reading this article and we look forward to seeing you at Wealthy affiliate. Let’s build a profitable business together!

Good luck!

David and Heidi

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