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The Importance Of Setting Goals For Success

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My trusty online dictionary tells me that the definition of a goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.  Having said that, do you set goals?  What are your thoughts surrounding those who set goals and do what it takes to achieve them?  Maybe you’re telling yourself, ‘What’s the point of actually setting goals or writing them down – I already know what I want to achieve.  It’s all stored in my head.  If I accomplish them, life is gravy.’

Are you planning at all for the future?  Do you find yourself thinking about what you might do when the weekend arrives?  Do you have a shopping trip planned or a coffee date with a good friend on your calendar?  Have you put some money away to save for a trip or a special gift?  Even if you’re thinking about small things, they still count as goals!  Let’s chat a little about the importance of setting goals for success.


Are You Among The Majority?yellow tulip among red and purple

Many people like to set goals at the beginning of a new year.  365 days (sometimes we get lucky and have 366 days) to accomplish something extravagant.  Much of the time, these goals revolve around family, finance, weight loss, or travel.  I once heard that most people give up a mere 12 days after making these resolutions – that’s not even two full weeks!  Is that you, friend?  The good news is that there is always a good time to make goals.  You might consider it today!  Why not?  Be the one pink rose that grows and thrives among the weeds!  Dare to be different.  Break the mold!


5 Reasons To Set Goals For Success

1- Vision

While it is true that we do not know what tomorrow holds, nor can we forecast our future.  But have you ever stopped to consider what it might or could be like?  Where would you like to see yourself 6 months from now?  What about in one year?  Shoot, let’s think long-term – how about 5 or 10 years?  Whatever it is you’re thinking, please know those visions or dreams can come true if you work at them!

Setting goals and writing them down (very important step) will keep that vision alive.  You will strive to become that person you envision yourself being in time.  Having a positive mindset will steer you in the direction of achievement.  Think big.  Think outside the box!  Heck, shoot for the moon!  The worst that can happen is you land among the stars!


2- Motivation

If you’re one who needs to be motivated to complete a task, then setting goals will give you the boost you need to carry on.  You’ve identified a vision.  Knowing that it’s an amazing means to an end, you’ll have the necessary motivation to keep you moving in the right direction.

Goals are meant to be written in a way that you have a desire to reach them.  If you’ve created attainable goals, then you will have the motivation needed to press on and work toward them.  If you’re finding that you are no longer motivated, you may need or want to consider revising the goal.  After all, you do want to reach success.


3- Focus

Have you ever planned a road trip?  You’ve got a final destination in mind, correct?  I suppose you could just develop a wild hair and see where the road takes you, but most of the time, we have an end-game.  It would be difficult to reach your destination without a map.  You rely on the map (or Google Navigation) to keep you on the right path or track.

Setting goals is no different.  Having an end goal in mind will keep you striving for the success of it.  You’re motivated and will strive to stay on track to attain it.  You’ll be focused enough to get you looking at the ‘map’ to make sure you land at your destination both safely and on time!


4- Measurable Progress

The goals that you choose should be measurable.  You’ll want to be specific when creating your goal/(s) so that you can know if you’re on your way to success.  For example, if you’re in the internet marketing business, you might set traffic goals.  If you’re selling a product, you might find that setting a ‘number of sales’ goal appropriate.

Certainly, quantifiable goals are wonderful, as you can track your success with statistics.  Numbers don’t lie, proving that measurable goals can keep you on track.  You’ll easily be able to tell what you need to do better (or more of) to reach your desired measure.


5- Procrastination Avoidance

‘Stinking thinking’ results when you’ve got something you want to put off and you tell yourself that it can be done at a different time.  You can’t be having any stinking thinking going on in the midst of achieving goals!  Nope!  You’ve committed to making it happen.

Therefore, once you have set goals, you realize that you must stick to them.  In all fairness, you can’t procrastinate, or you might fail.  You have gone and made yourself accountable by setting a goal in the first place.  You’re well on your way to success today – not tomorrow or next week!


That’s All Fine And Dandy – But What If I Can’t Reach My Goals?

Breathe, friend!  There is good news!  You may, at any time, alter or modify your goals!  If you’ve set a time frame and you’re about halfway to the deadline and haven’t met half of your goals, just pause for a moment.  See if there is something that you can do to up your game – or if need be, just do a little adjusting!  The goals are yours to make and modify.  Be happy and content with your decision.

Don’t give up!  No, you can do this!  Maybe you’d feel better just extending the deadline instead of adjusting the goal altogether.  Whatever feels better to you is the best decision for your circumstance.  But do press on!  You have the desire and you’ve already committed to proving you can do it – just give it a little more time.


All Right – I Want In! Successful businesswoman

So you say you’re new to this whole online business world.  You want to know where we got our start.  Fantastic!  David and I would love to share with you all about what we’re doing and how goals we have set are helping us become successful marketers.  You can read more about the place we learned all about affiliate marketing, blogging, creating a website, and becoming digital marketers here.


I’ve hit a gold mine in meeting David through Wealthy Affiliate.  Together, we have partnered on authoring an eBook and we have set goals to launch our next products in due time.  We have learned the importance of setting goals for success.  It’s these goals that have propelled us to have our own successful business for years to come.  We know that if you set your mind to achieving your own goals, success will undeniably be yours as well!


Writing goals

If you’ve got any goals you’re currently working on achieving, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below!  Also, please share with us anything else that you think is important when setting goals.  Ultimately, we believe writing down goals and continuing to monitor and follow through with them will inevitably lead us toward the moon!  We’ll see you there!

All The Best To You Today And Always!

Heidi (& David)

12 thoughts on “The Importance Of Setting Goals For Success

  1. Thank you so much for this awesome post!  It is so true that it is important to set goals, and your five reasons why are spot on.  

    I studied psychology in College, and in my psychology of business class we learned about the importance of setting goals, and that somehow it does effect the brain in a way that sets us up for success.  

    And oddly enough, like you said, it does help fight procrastination.  We are simply more likely to succeed when we have goals and visions. 

    1. I love that your college courses have backed this up! Even if we set goals and accomplish only a fraction, it is still success!

      Thank you, Jessie, for your insight! I appreciate your time!🙂

  2. These are all important factors in making and setting goals for yourself with the most important of them to me being focus and motivation to get things done. When you make it so that you have to adhere to getting things done that is a powerful thing because it sets you up for success.

    1. Absolutely,Jon!

      I think motivation is what drives us through and to our vision. I really believe that taking the time to just think about setting goals is a step in the right direction!

      Lately, setting goals has helped me with procrastination, which has been a very welcomed surprise!😎

  3. Hello there,thanks for this awesome article. It will be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I must say that the importance of goals cannot be overemphasised as a goalless man is a vision-less man……. because the goal would guide and protect you…it would help you know your priorities.

    Thanks once more!

    1. Thank you for stopping by!

      I really appreciate what you say about a man with no goals is a man with no vision. That is absolutely true and stresses the importance of setting goals for success even more!

  4. Hey, Your guide on the Importance Of Setting Goals For Success is very useful for me. Now I understand the Reasons To Set Goals For Success after reading your article. 

    Now my goals are ready and I am very confident to achieve them all in the given time. Focus plays an important role in achieving our goals in our life.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment today!

      I’m happy to read that you have set some goals for yourself and you’re well on your way to achieving them! I wish you nothing but the best as you move toward your own successes!!🌟

  5. ‘’In all fairness, you can’t procrastinate, or you might fail’’. I needed to read this today, thank you! I’ve struggled with motivation for the past few days (grey and rainy weather does not help), but I keep telling myself that no matter what, I shouldn’t give up, because I will regret it otherwise.

    I think the most important step when setting goals is figuring out what we actually want – to tune out our loved ones, society and, yeah, social media and have an honest conversation with ourselves. Because we’ll be ready to go through all of the obstacles only if the goal set came from the right place…

    1. Katja! What wonderful insight you have provided! In addition to the article written, I do think you’ve hit on another important factor to success. Blocking out the world around us just to have that honest soul-searching is a necessity! Thank you for adding value here! Great points!

      May you have a terrific year full of achieved goals! You’ve got this!!🙂

  6. I found that to be a very inspiring article. I have often given up on things and the idea of setting goals and sticking to them makes sense to me. 

    Can you make a full time income at digital marketing, I always had an interest in making money online but there are so many scams out there it can be hard to know what to trust.

    1. Hey, DJ!

      I’m glad the article made sense! Hopefully you will set some goals and see just how successful it makes you feel! Regarding your question about digital marketing, the short answer is yes, you can make a full time income! It’s not easy to begin, and goal setting is necessary. Check out some of our other posts on this site! They may help steer you in the right direction!!😁

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